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Gogglebox Talk: ‘80s movies

Every evening in Australia, more than four million of us choose to spend a night in front of the telly. Have you ever wondered what other people are watching and how they're reacting to the shows you're loving or hating?

Plain and simple, ‘80s movies have X-factor in spades.

There’s simply something so bad that it’s good with these iconic coming-of-age drama/comedies.

Cast your mind back to classics like The Breakfast Club, Flashdance and Top Gun - they don’t just resonate with teens living through the ‘80s, they span generations. Most people will have seen these films or at the very least be familiar with the songs that skyrocketed on their soundtracks.

This week, the Goggleboxers revisited this magical era by watching Footloose.

Classic stories

Whether it’s about forbidden love à la Dirty Dancing or a group of friends who embark on a life-changing adventure like in Stand By Me, there’s something about ‘80s movies that gets you hooked, regardless of whether the plot itself is actually intriguing.

“What’s Footloose about again?” Isabelle questions.

“It’s about dance, darling. It doesn’t really have much of a story to it,” Kerry says.

And Kerry’s not wrong. For such a beloved movie, the tale of a city guy who loves dancing moving to a country town that has made his passion illegal doesn’t sound all that great. But, it’s the ‘80s – the golden era of movies – so somehow it still works.

Puzzling moments

When you first watch a classic from this period, it’s quite common to get swept up and ignore blatantly odd things.

“Why are they driving tractors to music?” Kerry wonders.

Well, Kevin Bacon’s character, Ren, and his nemesis were playing chicken on said tractors in a show of manhood to impress a girl but still, Kerry, great point.

After the tractor incident, Ren naturally goes to dance in a deserted warehouse – remember dancing is illegal here – to blow off some frustration.

As many of us will recall, it wasn't just a casual bop around to his favourite song, either. No, it was a full blown choreographed piece complete with slides, hip thrusts, head swinging and flying through the air on some kind of pulley - yes, Ren we feel your angst. 

“This is possibly one of the weirdest storylines I’ve ever seen,” Adam says.

In the end

After this enlightening dance moment, Ren has a lightbulb moment: he’ll get the dance ban lifted.

Not only does he get the town dancing but he also gets the girl he was crushing on and it all ends in a massive dance party.


“This is so cute, but so awkward at the same time,” Holly says, while watching the very vigorous dance off.

“Everyone is aggressively dancing, right now,” Adam observes.

“They haven’t been able to dance for a long time; they’ve got energy to let go,” Keith says wisely.

Yes, ‘80s movies are the ultimate feel-good flicks, but not for everyone.

“Okay, I’ve seen enough of that,” Di says while the credits roll.

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