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Gogglebox: Lee and Keith open up about their new life as grandparents

Lee and Keith gush over the new arrival of their first grandchild.

Since welcoming their granddaughter, Riley earlier this year, the Goggleboxers have been completely smitten. While they say people warned them about the love they'll feel for their first grandchild, the long-married couple admit they had no idea what they were in for. 

"It's amazing how you really loved your kids, but when your grandchild comes, it's on another level. I can't explain it, it's a different kind of love and it's just so special," Lee describes.

"We've already set up a room for her," Keith adds. "We've bought a bath, a bassinet, Lee bought a whole clothes store of baby clothes. They see Lee coming and think, 'Oh, you beauty'."

"I can't help it!" Lee laughs. "We bought blankets that are easy-breathing, everything that's chemical-free and organic, I just go for anything that's going to make my little Riley happy," the proud grandmother adds.

The new grandparents explain that at only a few months old, Riley is surprising everyone with how relaxed and calm she is, which makes it so easy to always want to look after her.

"They won't let us have her for that long," Lee says. "Whenever my son says he wants to go out for dinner, I'll say, 'Yeah, dahl! Go out for tea, go to the movies, take a trip! Leave Riley with us!' And I do tell them, 'Don't be surprised if you come back and we've packed up and left!'."



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And while it's been a while since the Goggleboxers have cared for a newborn, Keith is confident that he still has the knack for nappies. 

"Well, I think I'm the best at it. I reckon I could take out the record," Keith proudly states. That confidence may be a result of Lee's former faux pas, when she did something almost every parent has done at least once.

"I made a mistake," she coyly says. "When I first changed her nappy, I looked at it and thought, 'Oh, that looks a bit weird. But alright....' so I put it on and later found out that I put her nappy on backwards. I was wondering why it looked so weird! It was so tiny!"

"We're a bit out of practice," her husband says. "But a couple of goes and then we're back into it. Even just holding Riley, it brings back a whole lot of memories."

And while Keith enjoys this new chapter of life, some things remain unchanged. When asked if Keith's food-on-lounge rules have eased since Riley's arrival, Lee is firm with her answer: "No, he's still not allowed to eat on the lounge. That will never change," she says.

"I'll be in trouble if I spill something," Keith replies, "but when Riley gets older and spills something, Lee will say, 'Aw, that's ok!" And will he use this to his advantage and blame his crumbs on Riley? "Don't give away my secrets!" he laughs.



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The doting grandparents have already formed a strong bond with their granddaughter, though Keith may be a bit more confident than others. "She'll say Carlton first," he says adamantly. "I'm always singing the Carlton theme song to her.

"I was singing the Carlton song but her mum wasn't happy because she goes for Collingwood. So we said we're going to go out and buy a Cartlon scarf, hat, jumper and give her membership and everything." But if Riley grows to support her mother's team? "Oh, well we'll just have to get rid of her - we can't have that!," as they both burst into laughter. "But that won't happen. We'll be taking her to watch Cartlon... she'll be gently pressured into it," Keith jokes. 

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