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Gogglebox: Holly Dalton's magic moments

What would Gogglebox be without Holly's insights?

Each week we sit down with the Dalton family to watch the best on TV and share in their hilarious family dynamic. While each member has their own unique personality, nothing is quite as grand as Holly's classic one-liners and boldly honest commentary. Here, we look at some of her finest moments:

The magic trick

Sitting with her family, Holly swirls a glass of white wine before she has an idea that will really knock the socks off her audience. Holding the glass high in the air, she declares her trick: "Look at the glass, right? Transparent." Her sister immediately catches on and begins to laugh, but Holly keeps going. "I'm going to make it disappear," she says with a smirk.

Even though her family have pretty much figured it out, Holly's a professional and follows through. Waving her hand in front of the glass, she quickly turns her back to them and skulls the entirety in one very quick go. Rotating back to her audience, she gestures to the now empty glass: "Ta da!" Very impressive. 

The happy accident

With her family gathered, Holly decides to clear the air with her mother: "You know how two weeks ago you said that I was an accident? So dad goes, 'Yeah, the best blessing ever'.'" Holly is thrilled to feel her dad's love, but Matt steps in to correct her: "I said the world's greatest accident." But Holly doesn't mind, and holds onto the sentiment: "How nice is that!" Unable to give this to his daughter, Matt keeps the joke going: "I didn't see that as a positive." Holly, you can sit with us. 

The weather report

The family are snacking on Paddlepops when Holly takes a dig at her father. "When did you go to the snow?" says with a cheeky grin. Noticeably a bit embarrassed, Matt runs his hands through his hair and asks, "Why?" Holly delivers the next bit: "Your hair's white! Oh wait, no, it's grey." But Matt doesn't let his daughter gloat for too long, as he serves his return: "Yeah, it was black before I met you."

The accent quiz

On First Dates, the Dalton's meet a man who is chatting to his date and notice that he has a speech impediment. While Matt, with a medical background, picks it up first, his daughter Holly can't believe his lack of cultural sensitivity. Shaking her head, she corrects her dad: "It's called accents!" 

The history lesson

The Daltons watch a documentary on historical Roman icon, Julius Caesar. Millie asks the first question: "When was Julius Caesar around?" Holly is the first to respond with sharp confidence: "1800." We'll let that slide.

Next to deliver information is anaesthetist Matt, who says that the term 'caesarean' came from the way Caesar was born. Apart from the reason that it's a fact, Holly negates her father's claim: "No, that's a lie. Julius Caesar made time.... Didn't he? Which one's Julius Caesar?" Her family laugh at her struggling to recall, but as we see later, she puts them all to shame.

The documentary's host states that Julius Caesar created the calendar year, and indeed, made the structure of time. Holly's family are shocked. "Holly - you are Mensa," says Matt. Holly is quick to defend herself: "You always knock me down, guys, but I'm telling you now - there is some wisdom in here." You do you, girl.

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