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Gogglebox: “Deny, deny, deny and never make eye contact” Holly and Millie Dalton’s essential guide to life

When you need life advice, who better than the Dalton sisters to give you their honest opinions?

They’re the two sisters you can count on to give you their honest advice, as we’ve seen in the last nine seasons of Gogglebox. Only two years apart, the 20 and 22 year old have been through it all – and now have a pretty good understanding of the rules, and also how to get around them. So, when you need advice on how to deal with sticky situations – Holly and Millie are the ones to ask. Here, the Dalton sisters provide the answers you need:

My sister always steals my clothes but lies about it when I confront her. She even returns them sometimes dirty and stretched! How do I stop her from doing it?

Millie: Suggest that she text to ask for permission before borrowing. If they’re not returned in good condition, ask her to get them dry cleaned.

Holly: Consider a lock on your door or install CCTV.

Whenever I post a photo of me and sibling on Instagram, they repost it but cut me out! Is this worthy of a confrontation?

Holly: So weird that they would cut you because the photo wouldn’t look good on the grid.

Millie: You could ask them why they do it or just stop posting pics of your sibling and ask for a single shot.

My mum refuses to buy me an Iphone but all my friends have one. How do I persuade her that I need one?”

Both of us: Buy one with your own money. Don’t expect parents to buy you everything - but don’t tell them.

My boyfriend sent me some flowers for my birthday a few days ago, but I really don’t like them.  I want to throw them out but I don’t want to hurt his feelings. What should I do?

Holly: Replace the yuck ones with good ones. He won’t even have a clue.

I stole some of my parent’s expensive wine on the weekend, but I told them I don’t know anything about the missing bottles. Should I come clean?

Millie: Deny, deny, deny. Never make eye contact.

Holly: Wine can be replaced but good times can’t.

My mum kept commenting on all of my Instagram photos with stuff like, “Why don’t you answer your phone?”, so I blocked her. She thinks it’s an Instagram glitch but I haven’t told her I did it. Should I keep it a secret?

Millie: Holly blocked Dad for six months for something similar. It nearly killed him. He was begging her to let him back in.

Holly: They need to learn the hard way. If you unblock them and their behaviour continues, then block them for life. Make sure you discuss this with them so they know how serious you are.

My boyfriend never posts about me on Instagram, but I post about him a lot. I ask him why and he just shrugs saying it’s not his thing. How can I get him to do it without being too pushy?

Millie: Lower your expectations. Posting on Instagram is not the be all end all so just enjoy your time with him in real life, not over social media.

Holly: Hack his Instagram and post a collage of you two with a caption of “The love of my life” and change his password so he can never delete.

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