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Gogglebox extra – What you didn’t see this week on TV: What animal would you be?

We all love our animals, and it's even been said that we look like our pets! So do we get too close to animals? Matt Dalton thinks so, anyway.

It's said that the human and animal bond is one of the strongest relationships we can feel, due to our innate pack mentality. And as we share 99 per cent of our DNA with chimpanzees, making them our cloest living relatives, there could be an argument that we feel closer to animals than we realise. And based on this week's episode of Gogglebox, it makes sense.

At the Daltons, Kate looks over at their dog who is being cuddled by Holly. "Acey always looks like he's just woken up," she laughs. "Look at him!" They all giggle at the dog's vague expression when Matt cuts in: "Well, they say they look like the owners, don't they?," he says while gesturing to Holly. 

At Faye's, she asks Anastasia what she would be if she was an animal, and after Anastasia looks to the ceiling for the answers, she replies, "Probaby, it would be between a horse and an elephant." 

As all friends do, Faye burst into laughter and said, "Because of your size..." but after Anastasia defends herself, Faye tries to back track and asks her friend to name "those little green insects". "Praying mantis?," Anastasia offers. "Yeah, you're a 'premantus'," Faye replies. Good one.

Next, Keith is telling his wife one of his long-winded but very good stories, about a postie on a push bike who's steering the bike with one arm and raising his other in the air, lassoing.

"I thought, 'What's this bloke doing?' and then I realised: for magpies," Keith tells his wife, as an added feature to his helmet. 

"I'd have a 'pepeller'," Lee says. "A 'peppeller'?," Keith questions. "So it just goes round and, 'squeak'! You'll have all of those animal people after you now, Jesus Christ!" 

At the Fahds, Sarah Marie tells Matty and Jad that after she came back from holidays, she was shocked to see that her dad had a bought a sheep to keep the grass down in his backyard.

"My dad lives in Fairfield! You'd think he lives on a farm," she laughs.

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