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Gogglebox extra – What you didn’t see this week on TV: The two sides of Bride and Prejudice

The Goggleboxers find themselves unsure who to side with on a controversial union.

Dating shows are full of passion, drama and moments that tend to always divide every audience. However when the Goggleboxers watched the latest episode of Bride and Prejudice Forbidden Weddings, they found themselves surprised to be sitting on the fence. 

While while the audience usually sides with the engaged couple against their unreasonable parent, this episode gave them something to think about.

The episode begins, and at first, there's mixed reviews. "I love it! Bring on the drama!," yells Tim. But Millie Dalton feels otherwise when she says, "This show's a bit of a trainwreck."

Moving on and we meet the young couple who are due to get married, Milly and Micah. "Milly sounds like a dog," Tim says. Awkward!

Milly met Micah when she was travelling through America, when Micah says he was captured by how radiant she was. "Aw, how romantic," squeals Anastasia. But not for Tim. "That's disgusting," he spits.

But soon after, Milly explains that she found out she was pregnant, and now Micah wants to move to Australia permanently to be a wholesome family.

And while all the Goggleboxers are shocked to hear this, including Kerry who tut tuts '"silly girl", they're not the only ones with hesitations. Milly's mum is dead against their marriage, calling Michah a "pot-smoking loser."

While Kerry notes, "God, she's a sour-puss," Micah tells the camera, "I do smoke a lot of cannabis," and blames his lifestyle on being a 'typical California surfer guy'. This changes things.

While the 'surfer guy' tells Milly's mum, "I'm not the same person as when we last met," the grandmother isn't convinced, saying she needs proof that he's changed. "If you can stop being a stoner, I'd be wrapped," she says. "I couldn't go to the wedding until he gets help." To be honest, fair play - and the Goggleboxers think so, too.

"As much as I laugh, I can understand where she's coming from," says Grant Jackson, father of six.

"Yeah, she's just speaking directly, isn't she," Kerry agrees.

But Adam has his own take: "I feel like Catherine's issue is more that he does nothing with his life, rather than he's smoking heaps of weed." And Symon agrees: "If was a CEO of a company, she probably wouldn't care." Sure. Let's go with that.

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