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Gogglebox extra – What you didn’t see this week on TV: The Goggleboxers are tested on Australian wildlife

The Goggleboxers witness the wild side of a common household pet.

This week the Goggleboxers watched Seven World One Planet, where David Attenborough brings a spotlight to Australian wildlife. 

He introduces the species as the one that has truly conquered the Australian desert: "Humans," Anastasia adds. Ah, no. 

It's the budgie, which Tim reveals he used to breed and made a household pet for Matt Dalton and Sarah Marie. 

"They look like they've rolled in a pack of highlighters," Chantel says, offering unique insight. 

But just like David Attenborough series go, the cute household memories quickly disappear as the naturalist reveals the harsh circle of life for these colourful birds.

While the flock of 10,000 travel together for weeks at a time, they must need hydration - which comes at a price. 

Their predator is the deathly hawk which waits until the budgies are on the water before it targets a straggler. But even upon looking at the sheer scale of the hawk, it's not quite clear for Keith.

"Is that a pigeon?" No, Keith. 

The hawk takes a dive and tries to snag one, before Matt offers some deep perspective. "You'd be pretty stiff, if you were in a flock of about 5,000 budgies and you were the one that got killed. You're having a bad day, aren't ya." Yep, probably wouldn't be a highlight.

But just as the hawk makes its entrance and the budgies fly away, the hawk catches one and the once-cute moment is now over. For most people.

"Well, that's not bad. One out of 10,000," remarks Anastasia.

Even Chantel offers her perspective on the matter: "Some people win the lottery, other people get eaten by a hawk." That's the motto!

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