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Gogglebox extra – What you didn’t see this week on TV: Who is the most high maintenance Goggleboxer?

The Goggleboxers reveal their new additions to their appearance, with some disclosing more than others.

We all get touch ups from time to time, and some are more noticeable than others. But when we get changes done to ourselves, should we be open about them or refuse any suggestion that you did in fact, get a touch up? In Jad's case, it's a firm refusal. Even if Matty was there and saw it... but that's just technicalities, right? This is what the Goggleboxers had to say:

The grey line

Matty entered season 10 with a new do: dying the top of his black hair to a soft, platinum blonde. And while Jad's kept quiet about the dramatic change, he now reveals his thoughts - but soon realises he may have also put himself in the firing range. 

"Bro - people are dying their hair to get rid of greys, and you're doing the reverse!", Jad tells Matty. Thinking he's got one up on his friend, Matty replies with a swift rebuttle to put him back in his place. "You dyed your hair black!", he says while laughing. And though Jad may be caught out, he's not admitting it any time soon.

"I did not!", he says unconvincingly. "Didn't we go to the hairdresser together?" Matty shoots back, in fits of giggles. "I swear to god, I didn't!", Jad replies. "I'm dead set!"

But while Matty is giggling away in confidence, Jad whips out another try: "I'll showed a photo of you and I'll go, 'Can I get the Matty Fahd?' and they go, 'Sorry, this one, not in Lebanon."

Hairy situation

At Anastasia and Faye's, they're in a hairy situation. Anastasia has something on her face, and turns to show Faye. "Oh, you're getting old! You're getting hair on your face!", Faye squeals. "You old bat!"

But Anastasia is determined to not accept it: "There's no way I've got hair on my face, because I get laser!"

But leaning over with her glasses now on, Faye inspects the culprit. "Oh yeah, you have got a hair. Or that could be my hair when I got a haircut," she says. "Aw! Look how long it is!", Faye squeals while dusting the hairs off Anastasia's cheeks. 

With the situation confirmed, Anastasia is ready to fire: "Yeah, 'cos you kissed me..." but before she can declare her innocence, Faye interrupts by saying, "Oh no, that's your pube." What are friends for?

Keith's kiss cam

Over at Keith and Lee's, Keith's got a question in need of solving. With his lips pursed, he asks his wife, "How do they have their lips out like that?" Almost instantly, Lee gives him the answer: "It's called botox." But she doesn't end her feedback there.

"You've got no lips, though," she tells her husband. "What do you mean I've got no lips?" Keith snaps back. "You've got no top lip,"  Lee replies. "It just goes into your bottom one." Keith is not having it: "What's wrong with my lips?", he says a bit softer, looking down at his beer.

With this, Lee tries to take it back: "I'm sorry, you've got lovely lips." Keith doesn't accept his wife's apology, and lets her know: "No, that's it now. I've got a... what do you call it? Complex. I'll have a complex about my lips now." We'll leave that one with you, Lee!

Blow it off

At the Silbery's, Isabelle offers some reassuring comments to Emmie: "You're not balding, but the hair's are going the other way so it looks like you're balding." Hearing this, Emmie just replies with a soft, "Oh."

Isabelle offers her a solution as she says, "Just get your hair blow-dried once a week like all the other old ladies do around the area."

But Emmie says she doesn't like blow-drys because it makes her look different. "It doesn't look like me," she says. "Yeah, that's the idea," Isabelle replies, leaving Emmie more disheartened than before. Ah, families.

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