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Gogglebox extra – What you didn’t see this week on TV: How Sarah Marie overcame her life-threatening health scare

While the Goggleboxers watched This Time Next Year, Sarah Marie was reminded of the importance in living life to the full, after she revealed her life-threatening moment two years ago.

Watching a wide variety of shows each week allows the Goggleboxers to see how others live, and to take away some invaluable life lessons. This week, the Goggleboxers were introduced to a young man in a wheelchair who told the host, Karl Stefanovic that the next time they saw one another, he would have won his first Iron Man competition.  

Upon sharing his story when he became paralysed from a devastating motorbike accident, it prompted Sarah Marie to share her own traumatic experience, and the way it changed her outlook on life.

"After my brain hemorrhage, I remember before that, I used to go to the gym and be lazy. And afterwards, I remember thinking, 'Oh my god, I just appreciate being here'."

This comes after the mum-to-be revealed that due to her hemorrhage two years ago, she has to deliver her baby via C-section to minimise the risk of recurrance. 

And while Sarah Marie shared her emotional story, the other Goggleboxers too, were left inspired by the young man's journey.

A man's ability 

We meet the young man as he enters the stage on a wheelchair, but it's not clear enough for Jad. "He's blind!," he calls out. "No... he's disabled," Matty explains. Unpeterbed by his error, Jad just responds with a casual, "Oh," as he keeps chewing his food. Moving on. The young man is speaking to the host, but all Matty can see is his bursting biceps: "The guy's disabled - he's shredded!," he says. "He's got bigger biceps than the both of us!" 

And while Leanne is impressed with the man's statement, Tim can't move on from his body: "Look at his biceps, though." Even Anastasia has noticed: "He's a good looking boy, isn't he."

A parent's love

The young man continues to describe his motorbike accident, which left him paralysed as a 17 year old. Showing photos of the smashed car he hit, Patrick Delpechitra is prompted to warn his youngest son: "Always remember this Ethan." The devastating story also hits home with Stacey Jackson, a mother of five young boys. "We have so many boys left to go in their late teens that I'm so scared will make bad decisions."

Armed with guns

The Goggleboxers watch as the young man is shown training - doing chin ups at the gym, still in his wheelchair. As he lifts himself and his wheelchair to reach the bar, Leanne's eyes glaze over: "Oh my Lord," she murmers. Even Papa Del commends him: "That's fantastic upper body strength!"

Watching the young man's bursting biceps, Matt Dalton can't help but be impressed: "Jeez, I can't do a chin up pulling my own body weight, let alone a chair!" 

The true champion

The highly anticipated moment is here, where the Goggleboxers are about to meet the young man after a year has been. "He'll come out with a medal around his neck," Tim tells his sister. "He sure will," she replies. Soon after, the doors open and the young man comes out just as the siblings predicted: with a medal around his neck. 

All the Goggleboxers errupt in cheer and celebrations for him, at the victorious man that he is. 

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