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Gogglebox best bits: Episode 9, Season 9

Every evening in Australia, more than four million of us choose to spend a night in front of the telly. Have you ever wondered what other people are watching and how they're reacting to the shows you're loving or hating?

Each week we will bring you the best bits of each episode, from thought provoking Goggleboxer insights to the hilarious reactions we all love.

Love is the drug

The Goggleboxers watch hopeful contestants on American Idol preparing for their next performance, but for one young man, his chances at winning over the judges could be tainted. On the stage, Katy Perry is uncontrollably sneezing into a hand of tissues. "Katy Perry has infected all of them," Tracey says. But her husband doesn't seem to mind the thought. "I don't mind getting infected by Katy Perry," says Patrick, immediately copping a sharp stare from his wife. 

Online banking

Next, the families watch a documentary on online sperm donors, a new business venture that allows a delivery service for, well... sperm. As the donor is on his way to a customer,  the Goggleboxers try to get their head around it. "This is like Uber Eats for sperm!" Adam says. Matty also has a go at the old pun: "Instead of Uber Eats it's lube and meats." Thank you for that. 

Artistic interpretation 

On Selling Houses Australia, the team of experts inspect a house in Inverloch whose owners are quite the artists. "Eugh, yuck!" Di and Mick exclaim in disgust as they look at a large green painting of naked people intertwined on the stairwell. "Nothing worse than an artist hanging their own work in the house," Di says with a frown. 

Moving on, and Andrew Winter describes the timber-panelled kitchen as 'very antiquated.' Matt Dalton offers his reno tips: "Nothing that a good couple of matches can't fix." 

When the shark bites

The Goggleboxers watch a documentary on sharks when they witness a dead female shark suspended in the air by its captures. "Look how big that is!" Keith shrieks. But Adam takes a nicer approach. "Let's not body shame it." 

To highlight the size of the shark, the series shows the shark about to eat something underwater. The narrator explains that jaws can be thrust forward, expanding the size of the shark's bite - but this is too much for some. "Oh my god!" Isabelle screams. Leanne offers her perception of the bite: "It's like in Alien when that second mouth comes out."

History girls

Moving on to a less scary series, the Silbery's watch an SBS program on modern history, but Isabelle is too busy with the present day on her phone. Her mother intercepts: "This is a very interesting history that's really important for young women to know about, but you know, who'd be interested in history?" Kerry is met with a blank response and more scrolling from her daughter. 

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