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Gogglebox Australia: Kerry Silbery reveals her happy news!

"I'm so lucky!"

Although Isabelle Silbery has a lot to celebrate after her surprise engagement, her mum Kerry also has some very happy news to share herself, as the Goggleboxer admits she's found love!

Speaking to LifeStyle, Kerry said she and her partner have been dating for two years and they blissfully happy together. 

"It's funny, I'm 67 and he's 68 and here we are like two teenagers.

"I'm so happy, I'm a very lucky girl," she says about her flourishing relationship with her man.

Although she doesn't want to reveal his name, or show us any photos of them together, Kerry says she simply refers to him as  "my fancy man."


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So what is it she loves about him?

"He's a very good man, he's actually an artist, and a painter. And because I'm an art teacher, we're very very well matched."

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Besides art, Kerry believes the way they met has played a role in the longevity of their relationship.

"We met online on Ok Cupid - we had to answer 400 questions. It's fantastic because it really filters out the people that you're not compatible with. It sorts it all outright from the beginning," she explained.

And although the pair are happy together, there's no chance that her man will move into the house she shares with her mum, Emmie Silbery.  

"The best thing about our relationship is that we don't live together. He's got his house and I've got mine, and he's got his complicated life and I've got mine.

"He said it's like a Venn diagram - his life is there, my life is here and we both meet in the middle.

"It just works because there is a sense of longing... the longing is just wonderful. It's so romantic."

She goes as far as to say it's because the couple like to keep a feeling of mystery amongst themselves. 

"It's really romantic because we don't do things like fart in front of each other and most familiar things that people who are living together do.

"It's lovely, very passionate. He's very intellectual, he's an ex journo - so we just have endless conversations about everything."


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While it's clear Kerry is smitten, does Nana Silbery approve?

"Oh yes I approve, I think he's wonderful," Emmie tells LifeStyle about her daughter's flame.

"When he's over he acts as the waiter and comes in to my part of the apartment with a tray of food and I say to him 'thank you garcon, you may leave now.'"

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So, can we expect to see Mr Fancy Man on our screens any time soon? The short answer is no.

In fact, he didn't even realise his girlfriend was a household name and viewed by thousands of Aussies each week.

"When we first met, we went out for two or three dates, and then I thought, 'Ok well now I need to break the news to him that people may come up to me in restaurants and in the street and say,"Oh I love you on TV."

"And I thought, 'Well how do I go about doing that?' Because it was obvious to me in our conversations he had no idea about Gogglebox. So on our third date, I said to him there's something important that I need to tell you.

"I saw his face go white, before I said, 'I'm on a TV show and people might come up and say hello.'"

And according to Kerry his response was rather surprising. 

"He stopped and said, 'Oh is that all? I thought you were going to tell me you have cancer.' I really freaked him out!" she admits.

When asked if he's interested in fame, she confirmed he's more of a shy type.

"He's a very private man and he's quite shy, so when people do come up to me in the streets, he just takes a step back and melts into the woodwork really."

Too sweet! And congratulations to Kerry and Mr Fancy Man.

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