Angie & Yvie: The secret of our friendship

These closer-than-sisters dog lovers have shared an unbreakable bond since meeting on a shopping centre stage seven years ago. 

Their love of each other - not to mention their shared love of television - has entranced Gogglebox Australia viewers since the show first hit the air five years ago. Here, Angie and Yvie share what makes their friendship so very special, both onscreen and off.

Tell us about the moment you first met.

Angie: Yvie and I met doing a Christmas promotion at Miranda Westfield back in 2011 I think it was. Yvie was Ms Claus and I was her elf. Yvie was so incredibly inappropriate with that microphone that somehow approved for her to have (don't know how that even happened) and I could not stop laughing! I was handing out plates of food to the Westfield Mirandians and she was telling everyone how beautiful she was. We kicked it off right away, and the rest is history!



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Angie, what qualities does Yvie have that make her a great friend?

Angie: Yvie is so loyal and we can be in a room and not have to talk, it's just so comfortable (which is rare, the talking part that is). It is important to be able to talk everything out, conversation and honesty is the key to any relationship!



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Yvie, same question for you with Angie. 

Yvie: Angie has the best sense of humour I’ve met in someone, she totally gets me and I get her. We make each other laugh until we can’t breathe. And no matter how shitty her day is going, I can always say something and she has the ability to laugh at any situation.



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Are there particular times you're likely to lean on each other's friendship?

Angie: For everything! When I am down when I have done something I need her advice on. Yvie offers great advice and always has my back even if I'm not always right. Which is probably often. It took us a while to get to this place, we've always had a deep love and understanding for one another, but with time and going through so much together we truly have a relationship like no other.

Yvie: I’m the same. I can speak to Angie and she’s always so open to hearing what I have to say. When I’m down, she always picks up on it. Even when I don’t say anything, even when she’s in another State, she’ll text me and immediately know I’m not in a good place.



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What sort of things do the two of you enjoy doing together most?

Angie: Wrangling all our rescue dogs together, getting in our cars and driving to a nice little Air BnB out in the bush somewhere that has a fireplace, eat bulk food, watch our shows and take our babies on little bush walks! Our little getaways are the best because we literally do whatever we want. Which is mainly relax, talk a lot of dross and laugh until our hearts explode.

Yvie: What she said! We are so simple and boring but we are just so happy to do not much at all. We love to sit in the sun, gasbag and laugh at our dogs. We also love making silly videos, which are mostly for us, but we do share them as we think others may get a kick out of seeing our silliness.



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What makes your friendship so special to you?

Angie: My friendship with Yvie is so special because we aren't just best friends, it's not a mother/daughter kind of relationship, nor is it a sister relationship - it's all of the above! It's a friendship like no other and we are so blessed that the universe put us together in those Christmas outfits and handed Yvie Jones that microphone and me that foul little modern-day hipster elf outfit. Cheers universe!

Yvie: Again, what she said! I honestly believe Angie was sent to me as a daughter but obviously not by blood. I don’t have any sisters or children and our age gap gives us that relationship that could be mother/daughter. But it’s so much more.

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