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Gogglebox Talk: Respect

Every evening in Australia, more than four million of us choose to spend a night in front of the telly. Have you ever wondered what other people are watching and how they're reacting to the shows you're loving or hating?

The Goggleboxers were left in shock after watching the Four Corners’  report on the terrible conditions some residents experience in aged care facilities in Australia.

From sharing their heartfelt reactions to detailing personal anecdotes about their own loved one’s experiences, there was one unanimous conclusion: the need to respect our elders.

While it may be an old saying, the ABC uncovered in horrifying detail that we seem to have forgotten exactly what that means. 

First impressions

As the program unfolds with promises to reveal the reality of aged care facilities, Isabelle admits she didn’t think anything was wrong.

“I thought it was a fun thing and they all do activities together,” she says.

But Wayne sees right through it saying it’s all “smoke and mirrors”.

Matt agrees, “What goes on behind the walls is very different to what the public knows.”

Close to home

As the devastating story unfolds of how a granddaughter watched her grandmother slowly wither away in a nursing home, Matty reveals that he knows what she’s talking about.

“That’s exactly what happened with my grandfather, he went into the nursing home and even though I was young, you just saw him deteriorate within three months,” he explains.

Isabelle’s shock at seeing an elderly woman suffering was jarring.

“If anyone did that to Em or you… oh my god,” she says. 

Terrible conditions

Seeing a grandmother sitting helplessly in her armchair admitting that she’s never felt worse, is certainly enough to get anyone welling up with emotion. But, the fact there was a full commode right next to her tipped the Goggleboxers over the edge. 

“You know if I ever saw that and it was my relative I would have burnt the place to the ground,” Sarah Marie says angrily.

As the dire situation of meal times in nursing homes was uncovered, Four Corners reported that only an average of $6 a day on food for each resident.

“What can you buy for $6?” Kerry wonders.

Four Corners showed food images of what people had sent in from their loved one’s nursing homes, which included party pies, a small sandwich and some undecipherable lump of brown mush.

“You wouldn’t feed that to your dog,” Jad says.

The Goggleboxers were further outraged after the CEO of the peak body representing private and not-for-profit nursing homes said residents are fed this level of food because they have low nutrition requirement.

“They still deserve healthy food,” Isabelle says.

“I hope you end up in one of these places bedridden, serve you right,” Di says. “This guy is a real d**k.”

Moment of realisation

What really hit home was the fact that we seem to have lost respect for our elders.

“They’ve worked all their lives for what? No respect,” Grant says.

Meanwhile, Tom comes to the conclusion that we are all to blame for this situation.

“It’s our fault as a society, we don’t respect our elders enough - we throw them in homes,” he says.

Now the royal commission is in place to review aged care facilities in Australia, we can only hope that these residents will have their voices heard. 

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