George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

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Series 8 Episode Guide


Series 8 · Episode 1

George is back to bring us the most in-genius small space designs. He travels to Suffolk to meet Simon, who wants to thank his mum Carole by converting a railway cattle carriage, into a luxury mobile holiday home.


Series 8 · Episode 2

George travels to Cornwall to meet Rebecca and Damian, a young couple who are trading in their house for a debt free life in a cool, luxury American trailer known as a Silver Streak.


Series 8 · Episode 3

George travels to Lancashire to meet Billy, a remarkable 17 year old self-builder who single-handedly transforms a derelict narrow boat his mum bought, into a hand crafted floating holiday home.

West Sussex

Series 8 · Episode 4

George travels to West Sussex to meet young couple Becky and Joe, who plan to build their first home together, a tiny house, on the back of an old trailer to enable them to live independently, debt-free.

North Yorkshire

Series 8 · Episode 5

George travels to North Yorkshire to meet couple Paul and Rachel, who want to bring together their mutual loves of the railway and gin, by transforming an old goods wagon into a summerhouse.

North East

Series 8 · Episode 6

George meets Mark, a vintage car nut from Coventry, who, along with his petrol-head daughters, plan to build a super-cool camping trailer from an old Saab so they can travel to Le Mans in style.


Series 8 · Episode 7

George travels to Yorkshire, to meet twenty-somethings Jasmine and Rupert, who plan to convert an old German fire truck into a cabin on wheels to take around Europe, satisfying what they call a "quarter-life crisis".

South Coast

Series 8 · Episode 8

George heads to the south coast, to meet an eccentric father and son duo who plan to convert an oil rig escape boat into a comfortable floating holiday home. But without fixed plans, will they sink or swim?