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West Sussex

Series 8 · Episode 4

George travels to West Sussex to meet young couple Becky and Joe, who plan to build their first home together, a tiny house, on the back of an old trailer to enable them to live independently, debt-free.

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    25 April: 9:30pm on Lifestyle
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    28 April: 6:00am on Lifestyle

Series 3 · Episode 5

George and Will's Texan road trip brings them to Austin, where no more than a mile from city hall a woman has handbuilt a 10,000 pound family home from mud. George attempts to fulfill a lifelong ambition of building a butterfly house.

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    26 April: 2:20am on Lifestyle

Series 3 · Episode 6

George meets two brothers who can't afford to get on the property ladder and plan to transform a fire-damaged narrow boat into a luxury bachelor pad. And in Texas, George and Will discover an extraordinary 1950s trailer in the desert.

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    27 April: 2:20am on Lifestyle

Series 3 · Episode 7

In the last episode of the series George's garden build is finally revealed and it's time to see if he's transformed his unloved narrow strip of back garden into a magical and creative family space.

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    30 April: 2:20am on Lifestyle

Series 4 · Episode 1

George explores the world of small builds, where people turn tiny spaces into the most incredible places to live. George plans a woodland retreat for less than the price of a family holiday and visits a breathtaking property in Italy.

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    1 May: 2:25am on Lifestyle

Series 4 · Episode 2

George meets a man trying to build a UFO-styled house; a woman making a garden room using material including earth, straw and human hair; and visits a floating swimming pool in Italy.

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    2 May: 2:20am on Lifestyle

North Yorkshire

Series 8 · Episode 5

George travels to North Yorkshire to meet couple Paul and Rachel, who want to bring together their mutual loves of the railway and gin, by transforming an old goods wagon into a summerhouse.

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    2 May: 9:30pm on Lifestyle
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    5 May: 6:00am on Lifestyle

Series 4 · Episode 3

The Italian road trip takes in possibly the world's coolest fire station. DIY enthusiasts Ben and Michelle want to build a summer house using disused shipping pallets.

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    3 May: 2:25am on Lifestyle

Series 4 · Episode 4

George meets newlyweds investing their life savings in a dilapidated yacht. His Italian road trip takes in a stunning treehouse, and his wilderness lodge starts to take shape.

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    4 May: 2:20am on Lifestyle

Series 4 · Episode 5

George visits a derelict Victorian railway signal box being turned into a garden summer house in Cumbria, a lakeside glass house in Italy, and a VW campervan conversion in Derby.

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    7 May: 2:20am on Lifestyle

Series 4 · Episode 6

George visits a floating pool in a converted barn in Italy. He meets a couple making a home from portable office cabins and a schoolteacher who found a pond under her garden decking.

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    8 May: 2:20am on Lifestyle

Series 4 · Episode 7

George visits a spectacular treehouse in Scotland. A Doctor Who-inspired shed in Macclesfield. And a glass lodge in Italy's Dolomite mountains.

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    9 May: 2:20am on Lifestyle

North East

Series 8 · Episode 6

George meets Mark, a vintage car nut from Coventry, who, along with his petrol-head daughters, plan to build a super-cool camping trailer from an old Saab so they can travel to Le Mans in style.

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    9 May: 9:30pm on Lifestyle
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    12 May: 6:30am on Lifestyle

Series 4 · Episode 8

A 70s fire engine is transformed into a mobile shop. Can a dilapidated pony trailer be made into a holiday retreat? And George and Will reveal their wilderness cabin in all its glory.

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    10 May: 2:20am on Lifestyle

George Clarke's Amazing Spaces 1

Series 5 · Episode 1

For many the dream of having a place to escape from their hectic lives can seem unobtainable. Architect George Clarke return to show how big dreams can be achieved in small and affordable places. This season includes a cattle carriage that’s been turned into a luxury holiday pad and an American trailer known as the silver streak.

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    11 May: 2:20am on Lifestyle

Campervan And Escape Pod

Series 5 · Episode 2

George meets a man building a campervan out of CDs and old vinyl records. There's also a single dad making a home on the water for him and his sons out of an oil rig escape pod.

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    14 May: 2:20am on Lifestyle

Mini Cricket Pavilion And A Boat Home

Series 5 · Episode 3

George meets a young man looking on an internet dating site for a shipmate to help turn an old boat into a home. There's also a cricket-mad granddad building a mini pavilion in his garden.

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    15 May: 2:20am on Lifestyle

Hearse Campervan And Bathing Machine

Series 5 · Episode 4

George finds a hearse that's been made into a family camper van, with a pop-out kitchen in a coffin. There's also a floating book shop, and a Victorian bathing machine in Margate.

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    16 May: 2:20am on Lifestyle


Series 8 · Episode 7

George travels to Yorkshire, to meet twenty-somethings Jasmine and Rupert, who plan to convert an old German fire truck into a cabin on wheels to take around Europe, satisfying what they call a "quarter-life crisis".

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    16 May: 9:30pm on Lifestyle
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    19 May: 6:25am on Lifestyle

River Barge And Swimming Pool Restoration

Series 5 · Episode 5

George visits a river barge conversion, an ingenious swimming pool restoration and a futuristic lakeside house in Germany.

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    17 May: 2:25am on Lifestyle

Air Raid Shelters And The Ultimate Party Shed

Series 5 · Episode 6

"George meets a couple transforming their garden air-raid shelters. There's also 12-year-old Guinnie, who hopes to create the ultimate party shed, and some luxury beach houses."

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    18 May: 2:20am on Lifestyle

A Home Made Of Scrap

Series 5 · Episode 7

George meets a couple so desperate to get on the housing ladder that they're making their own home out of scrap. And there's drama in the workshop with the beach hut project.

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    21 May: 2:20am on Lifestyle

Festival Campervan And Floating Beach Hut

Series 5 · Episode 8

George and Will's floating beach hut goes to sea. There's also a festival campervan made from an American school bus and a family home in Germany built in an old grain silo.

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    22 May: 2:20am on Lifestyle

Floating Homes

Series 5 · Episode 9

In this special episode George Clarke joins forces with up-cycling expert Max McMurdo to learn all there is to know about building a floating home, from Docklands to Denmark.

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    23 May: 2:20am on Lifestyle

South Coast

Series 8 · Episode 8

George heads to the south coast, to meet an eccentric father and son duo who plan to convert an oil rig escape boat into a comfortable floating holiday home. But without fixed plans, will they sink or swim?

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    23 May: 9:30pm on Lifestyle
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    26 May: 6:30am on Lifestyle

Series 6 · Episode 1

George meets a pair of newly weds who traded in a luxury honeymoon and spent the money instead on an old army truck that they hope to transform into a mobile holiday home.

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    24 May: 2:20am on Lifestyle

Series 6 · Episode 2

A small budget is no match for a big imagination continues, as George meets a man in a wheelchair determined to change his life by designing a fully accessible mobile home packed with ingenious inventions.

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    25 May: 2:20am on Lifestyle

Series 6 · Episode 3

Ingenious small space builds continues as George meets Mark and Michelle, a couple from Brighton in a race against time to convert a 140 year old railway carriage in their garden into a much needed extra bedroom.

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    28 May: 2:20am on Lifestyle

Series 6 · Episode 4

George meets farmers Ali and Rich who are attempting to salvage one of the rarest and at the time most expensive caravans in the world a 1950s Warwick Knight complete with spiral staircase and roof garden.

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    29 May: 2:20am on Lifestyle

Series 6 · Episode 5

George meets Jon a primary school media teacher in Southend hoping to inspire his students by building them a classroom inside the salvaged fuselage of a retired jet plane.

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    30 May: 2:25am on Lifestyle

Series 6 · Episode 6

George meets Ian & Becky in Lincolnshire who are embarking on the restoration of the last remaining VW Phoenix camper van in the UK, with added sound activated dance floor.

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    31 May: 2:25am on Lifestyle

Series 6 · Episode 7

George travels to Portland in Dorset to meet Carolyn and Mark a couple building a ship wreck themed garden room with unrestricted views over Chesil Beach.

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    1 June: 2:20am on Lifestyle