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Series 3 · Episode 4

George meets a couple who discovered a hidden basement in their home and turned it into an underground casino. In Texas, George visits a home made from salvaged materials and a caravan buried underground in case the apocalypse arrives.

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    28 July: 6:00am on Lifestyle

Series 3 · Episode 5

George and Will's Texan road trip brings them to Austin, where no more than a mile from city hall a woman has handbuilt a 10,000 pound family home from mud. George attempts to fulfill a lifelong ambition of building a butterfly house.

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    28 July: 6:50am on Lifestyle

Series 3 · Episode 6

George meets two brothers who can't afford to get on the property ladder and plan to transform a fire-damaged narrow boat into a luxury bachelor pad. And in Texas, George and Will discover an extraordinary 1950s trailer in the desert.

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    4 August: 6:00am on Lifestyle

Series 3 · Episode 7

In the last episode of the series George's garden build is finally revealed and it's time to see if he's transformed his unloved narrow strip of back garden into a magical and creative family space.

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    4 August: 6:50am on Lifestyle