Four Weddings UK

Episode Guide

Series 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1

Series 4 · Episode 1

Four Weddings UK ventures out of Britain for the first time, as the first lot of blushing brides take to the airways, conducting wedding ceremonies in Spain, Germany and the USA.

Episode 2

Series 4 · Episode 2

Daddy's little girl Hollie is looking to impress with an after wedding rave. She will be up against wedding planner Natalie.Nicola is planning a Hollywood wedding and larger than life Cheryl will be having a ship themed wedding.

Episode 3

Series 4 · Episode 3

Danielle is hoping her wedding, will win over her fellow brides.Resident fussy eater Abbey, is having a princess fairy tale day, but what will she think of Kat's traditional two day Polish wedding and Charley takes her football obsession to the extreme.

Episode 4

Series 4 · Episode 4

Samantha's 'bling bling' wedding is up against Holly's military bash, Claire's big budget wedding is the one to beat but can her stately home wedding deliver the goods? Kate, the final bride, is going against all traditions and doing her vintage wedding.

Episode 5

Series 4 · Episode 5

What do you get when you cross heavy metal rocker Jemma, prim and proper Audrey, karaoke loving Steph and laid back Lucy? These brides go head to head to win the honeymoon of a lifetime.

Episode 6

Series 4 · Episode 6

Four brides, four very different weddings Rebecca's Yorkshire knees up goes head to head with Sharon's Big Fat Turkish wedding. Will Lydia's Scottish haggis be too much for fussy eater Charlotte? And which bride will, come out on top?

Episode 7

Series 4 · Episode 7

Irish bride Cara is having a masquerade ball whilst party girl Laura is having a full on Christmas themed bash. They are up against straight talking CJ but don't rule out Linda who thinks her Irish wedding has what it takes to win.

Episode 8

Series 4 · Episode 8

Let the battle of the sexes commence, expect the unexpected when two grooms go against two brides in a bid to win a luxury honeymoon. Grooms Gary and Dan are doing it for the boys, but do they have what it takes to beat our determined brides Mel and Sam?

Episode 9

Series 4 · Episode 9

This week on Four Weddings, we have a rare treat as Groomzilla Huseyin takes on three brides in the battle to put on the best big day.Who will win the trip of a lifetime?

Episode 10

Series 4 · Episode 10

Perfectionist Julia is determined that her wedding day should be nothing but perfect. Being a chef as well as a bride, Jackie is intent on catering for her wedding herself and lastly budget bride Sarah sneakily throws the competition open again.

Episode 11

Series 4 · Episode 11

We meet nineteen year old bride Holly who believes that anyone who gets hitched over the age of forty is wasting her money. It's no surprise then that she has issues with 52 year old Sonya. We also meet Victoria, a party girl and super organised bride Mell

Episode 12

Series 4 · Episode 12

Four mums put their big day on the line. Self-confessed princess Natalie and bargain hunter Lou. Tension mount as Katy discovers her special first dance is not so unique and kiddie chaos is rife on Lucy's big day.

Episode 13

Series 4 · Episode 13

Take three innocent first time brides and a wedding-obsessed loudmouth who is getting hitched for the fourth time. You'd be forgiven for thinking that Carol the expert would sweep the floor with the competition, but oh boy has she got a fight on her hands!