Four in a Bed

About the Show

About the Show

Four in a Bed takes four pairs of B&B owners from across Britain and asks them to take turns hosting one another in their accommodation. At the end of the week, each pair will decide which of the establishments provided the best value for money, awarding the owners with the amount of cash they feel they deserve to be paid. Quirky characters and fiery feuds fill the series, offering plenty of hilarious moments. Each week, personalities clash and sensibilities are offended, as these Bed & Breakfast owners compete to take out the most cash at the end of the week, declaring their establishment the winner of Four in a Bed!


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Posted by Joy381Report
I raised this issue with Foxtel recently.

Here is my message: "Four in a Bed appears to be only screening twice a week on Lifestyle at the moment and therefore there are many missing episodes. Next week there is one episode i.e. #31 on 2nd March and then #36 on 9 March."

Here is their response (6/3/2018): - "It looks like we've got this one playing out of order which can happen from time to time. We've passed on your interest to see the season in order from start to finish. "

It would appear to me that they have now removed the program altogether.
Posted by Mari19Report
Why are really old seasons of Four in a Bed aired. Foxtel has S7 as the most recent. Apparently on Channel 4 they're up to season 12? Will we see these later seasons on Foxtel?
Posted by david125884Report
What has happened to Four in a Bed this week (20/10/14) Lifestyle programmes show it as still on but certainly not on my TV. Can anyone tell me what's going on?
Posted by jojozepReport
agree with everyone else, why introduce a series and then take it away, sounds like something a commercial station would do
Posted by mum2blcReport
Still confused they Four in a Bed was cut short and now this morning I noticed it was previously "linked" and is back on so I watch it. Glad it is back on this week.
Posted by mum2blcReport
What happened to the Four in the Bed series. It seem to just suddenly be taken off. That show is quite refreshing to watch and I really enjoy the difference relationship each and every of the B&B contestant development as the week goes on. Why suddenly cut the show before the end of the week?
Posted by mum2blcReport
IGNORE this first comment. My bad! :)
Posted by mum2blcReport
What happened to the Four In a Bed shows this past week? It seemed that it was taken off very suddenly. I love watching it and enjoy the different outlooks and opinions of each B&B contestants have of each other. Why cut the series before the end of the week?
Posted by SusanReport
Sp upset that Four in a Bed seems to have disappeared. Mondays episode was on but nothing else,m yet you have it advertised on this page as being on . Whats happened please. Love this show
Posted by Heather461Report
Why have you advertised Four in a Bed for this week (March 5th to March 8th) yet it is not on? What happened to the last contestants turn, and the day we find out who won? I really love this show and hope you return it to the screen.