Extreme Makeover

About the Show

About the Show

Who hasn’t wanted to change something about themselves? In Extreme Makeover lucky participants are given the chance to go from an ugly duckling to beautiful swan. Each participant is given a truly Cinderella-like experience, as they are able to change their looks through the skills of an ‘Extreme Team,’ including a plastic surgeon, a cosmetic dentist and a talented team of hair and makeup artists. Each episode features two people, first in their ‘before’ phase, then as they undergo their various procedures, and finally, when the results are revealed to their friends and family.


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Posted by Chris1775Report
Hello I was wondering how to enter extreme makeover comp.
I'm 42 I have on going chronic health issues, I'm over 160kg my teeth need work plus other appearance issues. Due to my appearance I have depression and I lack confidence. I'm desperate for help in turning my life around but I need help. If you can't help me are there any competitions you know of that can help. I would be so grateful if you could help.
Kind regards
Posted by Joanna341Report
Please tell me how to try & win a makeover...............please
Posted by MarieannReport
I have never ever considered myself to be beautiful, i have had a lot of issues with my skin/hair and a lot of other things. I have lost all my confidence in myself and don't like my body much either. I always wondered what it would be like to get a full makeover done. That is something i will not be able to afford and will probably be a dream for me. I try to do my best to look good, but just don't know how. I have never worn much makeup and tried my best to figure out what suits me but have never been able to achieve that. Some professional help would boost my confidence, which would help me in a big way.
Posted by Mary1034Report
I won't say I wasn't ever beautiful, because I keep my beautiful inside where only very few see it, but myself outside is a different story. I was born with dental problems. I need 2 lower wisdon teeth removed, I need a rapid palliative surgery, a rpe device put in due to 2 teeth barely touch and double jaw surgery- where my lower jaw needs pushed inward and upward and the top outward and downward. Then their is a issue of my morbid obesity. As of recently I rode a bike with my husband 4 blocks and went into a asthma attack. This mcfatty cannot run, I weigh 265 pounds, I am offically 5 foot 4 inches and have tried the doctors duet just to fall off of it. U have tried no carb and low calorie... Basically name it I have probaly done it. Both of my parents were diabetic and asthmatic. My dad had high blood pressure and cancer runs really high in my family. I already have asthma and I am fat. I also cannot chew my food properly... What is next??? I need help with making myself over. I now had to go from a $12.92 hour job at butterball to $8.00 job due to my health. I need to improve it before it is too late. Please help. Born parents died over weight and teeth problems... I don't want to be the same. Thank you!
Posted by Tabby5Report
Been 27 years on earth i don't think anything can make me look beautiful. Mother was so sober and never used any makeup so i never learned anything girlish or even the basics to care skin. Having sensitive skin caused layers of burns and marks from years and when i got to realize i need care it was late. Even after three skin treatments I still look like nothing changed still ugly and alone. I have no hope but still if you are really looking for challenge can contact me.
Posted by Kim1939Report
This is very difficult to put into words at to how I feel about myself. I've been happily married for nearly 28 years to a wonderful man who constantly says, " your beautiful just the way you are", but when you feel and look how I do, this doesn't help.
I have 4 grown up children and am expecting my first grandchild in January 2017. I have had a lot of health problems, which have resulted in surgery. I'm still under the hospital for further investigations, which has really worn me down and also out. I'm 49years old and weigh 14stone and have neglected myself for a long time. I'm trying to change my life around by giving up smoking and getting advice about weight loss. Due to the weight gain my mons area and stomach is very large and embarrassing, my teeth are quite discoloured from the years of smoking. I put on this front to everyone as this strong person who is there for everyone but inside I feel so deflated it hurts. I have psoriasis, no large toe nails and am now with my health issues, I'm classed as obese. I just want a chance to feel like a woman again and not have to wear clothes that hide my lumps and bumps that make merry look and feel larger than I am. Please take the time to meet and help me get off the antidepressant and stRt to live my life not just exists. I hope and pray I hear from you. Kim
Posted by Astrid48Report
Recently, my partner of 4 years broke up with me. I had to move out and start again. I'm only 26 and feel like I need a fresh start. Im sock of wearing the plain clothes I got used to wearing in the relationship and have too many black clothes. In order to reinvent my new single self I would really appreciate a makeover because I feel clueless now. Please help me start again! Desperately yours.
Posted by Di197Report
After years of anorexia and bulimia in my younger years in addition to many medical treatments and being blessed with 5 children , my teeth have been left somewhat of a nightmare . I'm embarrassed to talk to people, let alone smile now. My confidence of before has been eroded and tend to keep to myself a lot because I see the looks when I open my mouth i am freely depressed and I then turn to food . I need help to break this cycle and show me how to fix it . I want my daughters and family to be able to see the fun happy me hidden inside and be able to enjoy life again .
Posted by Tanya1025Report
I hope that you will consider me for a makeover with the crows feet and my eyes the sagging cheekbones and Chin my teeth also need to be fixed they are very bad and the Bulge I can't seem to get rid of around my tummy area I look in the mirror and don't like what I see and sometimes it becomes depressing
Posted by Angela1588Report
I've seen these makeovers and dreamed of having one but never had the guts to apply. I never wanted people to see just how I've let myself go. But I'm past being embarrassed now, i know that i actually need some help with bringing me back to the future. Ive had a rough trot with a lot of things but always got through it. Worked hard, nursed family with cancer, had my left lung removed form a tumour,but always stayed positive, but when it comes to myself, well thats a different matter. My certain fears and almost phobia i suppose you'd call it has stopped me from living the life i should and held me back something awful. I just want to look at my beautiful daughter and show her that dreams do come true if u wish hard enough.