Extreme Makeover UK

About the Show

About the Show

In Extreme Makeover UK men and women from all around the United Kingdom get a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform their lives and looks, with the help of a team of plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, hair and make-up artists, stylists and personal trainers. In each episode, two participants are followed throughout their transformations, while viewers are given tips from experts on health, fashion and beauty.


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Posted by Damien19Report
Hi, this would mean the world to me. I’ve always been self conscious and embarrassed about certain parts of my body.
I am 39 and have always felt depressed with the way I look. My nose is bigger than I would like, my ears stick out a bit. I am going bald as well so can’t even hide these anymore. My teeth could do with sorting and my skin is blemished from my youth. I try to keep fit, but need guidance.
I have just split from a long relationship and self esteem is at rock bottom.
This would give me a new lease of life and stick 2 fingers up to those that have criticised me in the past and make me feel better in my skin.
I could move on, it would change my life forever and give me more confidence when I’m with my kids and show them a better future, without hiding away so much.
Honestly, this would make someone so happy, no more hating pictures and worried how people are looking at me and give me the chance to live life.
I really do hope to hear from you.
Many thanks
Posted by KristelaReport
Hello. I would dream to get to the show like this. Im 24 years old i have big problem with my teeths..like really huge problem. I dont remember last time when i was smiling or laughing because i feel so embarrassed about my smile. And the same about my skin. Am a young girl with huge problems. And the only thing for me left is to dream to become one day beautiful :(
Posted by Carly436Report
Good morning, my name is Carly , I am 30 years old from the Greater Manchester area UK.

I am writing to ask;

Is the programme Extreme makeover UK still in production?

If so I would like to please put myself forward as a candidate for the show. I have what I would consider an interesting and relevant backstory which I think would very much compliment the show. I appreciate you must get people pouring their hearts and stories out to you via email so I will not further add to that. I am more than happy to extensively talk to anyone should they be interested in my potential for the show. I have exhausted every other means of trying to get the help I need after having my son to get my body back to what it should be, both in fitness terms and aesthetic terms. This is pretty much my last shot.

I hope to hear back from you


Posted by Samantha2060Report
Hi, I'm a 20-year-old girl from Liverpool. I've always had issues with the way that I look, truth is I'm scared of a change, but it needs to be done. I don't feel confident when I'm out with my friends, as they always have nice dresses and shoes and I'm always out in jeans and converse. I hate looking at myself in the mirror, the way I am depresses me. I can't smile, with knowing i have a bad set of teeth, I can't go out most of the time because I'm afraid someone will judge me. This is a long shot really, like well a big cry out for help to help me come out of my shell before I turn 21! Thanks for your time, I can see many people have commented, I hope to hear from you one day. :)
Posted by Becky107Report
I'd have one
Posted by Nicola308Report
My name is Nicola
I am totally desperate I had a prem daughter in 2005 she died after 10days but with the stress I developed Cushing's syndrome which was a steroid based tumour so my weight went to 31st 5lbs I then lost a few stone after they removed tumour but I then had a gastric sleeve but am stuck at 22stone after it all I'm so down and can't get motivated I need help I've lost teeth through the illness my hair is now very thin
I don't feel very feminine
I want to feel like a beautiful woman again!
I'm getting married October 11th to the most wonderful man who has stuck by me through thick & thin it will be on our 11year together the day we get married exactly a week before my 40th birthday which is October 18th
They say life begins at 40 please please so me it is!
For Richard the love if my life and my 2 boys Kieran & Jacob
Posted by Dawn215Report
Hi my name is Dawn and i am desperate to get a make over, I have suffered with my health over the years that caused me to get depressed and not wanting to go out of the house. Just over two years ago i nursed my ex husband whilst he was fighting cancer, his wishes were not to die in a hospital/hospice so i brought him home and looked after him till the day he died..... 15 months ago i fell and badly damaged my knee and spent and have only just got off the crutches, not being mobile i have put a lot of weight on and lost the glow i had in my skin and my eyes. I will be 50 this year and so desperate to look good and get some confidence back in myself so that i can start going out again and not have to hide myself away........Please Please help me get my life back and help my daughter get her mum back...Im desperate and don't know where else to turn to
Posted by Karen2106Report
Sos this is my mum how she used to be bubbly out going ... not anymore .... she hides away thinks she's ugly and confidence has gone .. plz help like my old mum back
Posted by Lisa2030Report
Hi I'm Lisa . I would love a extreme makeover to boost the way I feel about myself. I am 35 and for the past few years I have had health issues resulting on me having a abdominal hysterectomy last year. I have suffered from depression for many years and this has left me feeling completely unhappy about myself. My body isn't how it use to be and due to the excess weight I now longer really know how to dress anymore... I have lost all sense of who I am now. My husband and children try to make me feel better but all they say doesn't help what I see when I am undressed. I need help ..... Please xxx
Posted by Daniel486Report
Daniel is my name I am from the United States. I know I am far, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to find love. All my relationships fail because the other person says I am way 2 nice or not attractive enough. I can't afford braces and even if I could the orthodontist always sends me to an oral surgeon first to remove my wisdom teeth. The oral surgeon says he doesn't want to remove my wisdom teeth because it can cause my lower jaw to go limp and numb for life. My teeth have gotten so out of control I am having headaches everyday and can't sleep because of them. I've been trying to get into shape so maybe one day someone can see me as a partner, but everyone turns me down. I put myself out there and I get thrown away like trash. I have a messed up jaw line and a deviated septum so I've been told. My eyes are horrible and I don't know what to do. I just want to be happy.... I just want to be considered as a potential date and not the geeky looking man with crooked teeth. I want to be able to find love and be happy. I don't want to be alone anymore... I guess my looks push people away. I'm desperate.... please won't someone help me.