Extreme Makeover Home Edition

About the Show

About the Show

A behind-the-scenes look at how the makeover team renovated the home of Lucy Ali and her 12-year-old adopted sons, Paul and Kuran in Jamaica, Queens.


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Posted by Laura892Report
Aggiungo una cosa : Vorrei avere una rivista se è possibile, Faccio l'esempio Extreme
Make Over le prime 100 case con le foto, la storia e le piantine.
Posted by Laura892Report
Ho navigato per qualch.e anno sulle navi del Lloyd Triestino G:Marconi e G. Galilei oltre e vorrei ritornare a Sydney dato che ora sono in pensione e vorrei acquistare una casa in Australia. Siamo in tre e tutti pensonati: Io ,mia sorella Elena e io marito Claudio.
Posted by Daniel470Report
I like how Ty runs the show. A little shame the show stopped after 9 whole years. Jillian and funny Jeff were my favorites.

Posted by Colleen233Report
Hello and can you please help. My partner Chris has terminal cancer and is battling as well to make his shack conversion into a suitable residence. He has lost one kidney and has so much to do. He is trying to keep working to earn the money to renovate further. He has one big mess and sometimes doesn't know where to start first, even if he has the energy. Chemotherapy knocks him around and he wants to retire but he thinks he can't afford it because he has so much to do. He sometimes just wants to go fishing... he deserves to he is a good man and community member. Thank You
Posted by David34Report
G'day extreme make over, I would like to contact producers of this show about how to get started with this in Australia I've helped a number of families in this country and think this show would take off big time in oz. please contact me by email if possible. iron.head79@hotmail.com hope you will reply thanks
Dave Barnes
Posted by Elise39Report
Hi extreme makeover please come to Australia and make over my uncle house... His a great uncle and I would be lost with out him 3 years ago we lost my grandfather to cancer may he R.I.P.. Shortly after that we were all back on our feet to then find out my uncle father of two, uncle of 6, son, brother of three was dignosed with the same cancer we lost my grandfather to. Leaving his two boys at a young age with my grandmother or his partner he flew back and forward to Brisbane getting treatment the day finally come he was lucky and they found it early and was taken all out. Moving on taking over my grandfather business with the help of his sister (Nicole aka my aunty) he managed his serval businesses he had on top my grandfather business. A short while after his partner and chris (my uncle) decided to end things she went away for work he put his full time career / business on part time working from home as much as he could to stay home and be a single dad of two boys who are now three and four. With the breakup and in middle of renovating their family home chris put it all on hold moved away from rainforest, the peace, the distant from the neighbours and rented a house down in town.. All is changing as his decided to go home now and start again creating a home for his boys and himself.

My ex and I have just separated 6 months ago leaving me with a young baby who is just recently one my uncle supported and gave me advice with my separation, has always been here for me in life and has just recently paid money for me to go to the dentist.

I want to show my uncle how much I love him and the family does and thank him for all the support and help his given us so please extreme makeover bring your bus to my uncles house and help give him the life he deserves
Posted by Cassandra280Report
I think that extreme make over home edition should come to Australia. I absolutely love this show and would love to see more people recurve the help they deserve. You guys are amazing and I wish that I could meet you guys. I would love to be able to help people the way you do :)
Posted by Jarrad18Report
Hi there I live in sydney, australia and the reason i am writing to you is because our family has reached a point where we desperately need help. My mother has always been an inspiration to me my sister and brother. After loosing a daughter and sister years ago my parents decided to have another child. My brother was born with an incurable and rare sydnrome called Praderwilli. He was extremely ill at birth and doctors were baffled as they had no idea what the problem was. A year down the track he was diagnosed with the disease. Praderwilli is a syndrome where there is a chemical imbalance and missing chromosome in the brain. His brain does not register when he is full, thereofre he is constantly looking for food and is always hungry. we live at home with locks on the fridges and freezers, food is never allowed to be left unattended or even in the bin, as he will go through the bin to see what he can find, even if its left over food that has been sitting there for 2 days. He has learning difficulties and speach impedement. Due to his syndrome my brother can never be left alone, therefor my mother has been unable to work, and there is financial stress on our family. We are looking at building a praderwilli house for my brother and other kids who have the syndrome as they deserve a better life and future which they will never have living at home. It is not only hard for my brother but also everyone who lives in the house. he often has temper tantrems as he doesnt have the freedom that most kids have. we want to give these kids a better life and are looking at building a house where these kids can live where there is full time care. this obviously all costs a lot of money and there is minimum funding provided from the government. I have watched your show many times and I think what you guys do is beyond amazing, and only wish that this dream for my brother can become a reality. any help that you guys can give will be much appreciated.
Posted by Susan903Report
I Sue Sydney Australia ,Im 35year old mother of three children 15year old girl 10year old girl and an 8year old boy, I’m after assistance designing my house Until 2004 I was and hardworking medical receptionist and mother of two little girls.

I will highlight some of my hardships in the following years

• -in January diagnosed with MS
• -in January first natural pregnancy
• -in March lost vision for 10mths
• -in March weak arms and legs
• -In August healthy baby boy
• -November eye sight back

• -daughter drops my son, we took him to hospital he sustained a subdural hematoma
• -DOC’S took him off us
• My daughter was too scared to say she dropped him, so they assume I shook him to get back at him because of my loss of vision in my pregnancy with him…
• Son was placed in foster care

2006 until now
• Son was still in foster care for most of that period.
• We were fighting a long and costly battle with DOC’S
• After we spent every last cent on legal fees, we had to make a difficult decisions,
• We had to Applying for legal aid, to our surprise it was over in two court hearings.
• Ok my son is back now we are broke, it’s time to go back to work
• Another setback three days before starting work I start get an indescribable head attacks that had me yelling and screaming for my life, which ending up with a trip to hospital every time
• As the doctor’s we’re trying to control this my left arm and legs were getting weak
• I ended up in an electric wheelchair
• My husband had enough so he walks out on us, leaving me and the kids, at this time my daughter was 13year old, she was caring for me and her siblings
• She was doing the cooking, cleaner, washing helping her sibling with homework taking me to the toilet, I even have to wake her up in the middle of the night to take me, and then she will sit and study.
• A year later she came crying to me, telling me she had fallen so behind and couldn’t continue at that school,

• All those years I would hear my kids talking to each other while watching a T.V show with a mother and her kids
• Wish mum go out with us.
• Wish mum could come to the park with us
• Wish mum can come watch us on stage
• And on and on….
• One day last year my 16yr old daughter was talking about how her friends go out with their mums shopping etc.…
• I reply it’s not in my hands, u can’t judge me on something I have no control over,
• She goes to her room tried to commit suicide by taking a whole packet of Phenergan.
It was a wakeup call for all of us my kids need me, dad moved back to help, he can’t get a job working for someone as we don’t know when I call him, he must drop everything and come home, so for the first time in his life his had to go on a benefit,

There was a time in my life that I loved my house and had complete pride in it. AND NOW MY HOUSE IS ACTULLIY MY WORD, I’m home just about 24/7 it’s not as clean , organized or designed as I had it, I’m now at a point that I 100% HATE my world I know that my kids are doing their best so I know I can’t as for and more of them..
And if you can design my world, you will change my life or the way I see it.
I have a sister, friends and my husband that could help with the work and they are good with designing and renovation.
I have some before and after photos of just a few small projects my sister did she is renovating a caravan at the moment

If you would like to learn more about our family or to speak with me directly please feel to contact me
Posted by Report
I think this is the most heart warming show, when i feel like my world is falling apart, i watch your show, and makes me realise how lucky I am. Keep up the great work