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Series 3 Episode Guide

Wye Valley

Series 3 · Episode 1

In today's episode, Jonnie Irwin's revisit journey takes him to the Wye Valley where he is reunited with two of his house buying couples.


Series 3 · Episode 2

Nicki Chapman heads to Cornwall to find out what happened next for some horse-loving Escape house buyers who bought one of the country properties they viewed on their search and are now enjoying their freedom.


Series 3 · Episode 3

Jules Hudson's revisit journey takes him to two truly rural destinations; West Wales and Argyll and Bute. First Jules is reunited with a horse loving couple then a couple who still has plans.


Series 3 · Episode 4

In today's show, Sonali Shah is reunited with her "Escape" couple who she helped make the leap from living in Bristol and find an idyllic home in the Herefordshire countryside for their 500,000 pound budget.


Series 3 · Episode 5

Today's episode sees Nicki Chapman on an Escape revisit tour of Devon, where she catches up with two different buyers who fell in love with the properties they viewed on their house hunt.


Series 3 · Episode 6

Jonnie Irwin is in Cumbria catching up with two couples who found their perfect country homes during their "Escape" property search.


Series 3 · Episode 7

In today's episode Jules is in Monmouthshire revisiting one of his couples who were armed with a 500,000 pound budget and moved into one of the houses they all viewed together.


Series 3 · Episode 8

In today's episode Alistair Appleton starts his journey in Devon and visits mother and daughter buyers who moved into their dream Escape property back in 2013 after a lucky windfall boosted their budget to 620,000 pounds.

Peak District

Series 3 · Episode 9

In today's show Sonali Shah revisits two of her house buying couples who have recently settled into their country homes. First, she drops in on her escapees whose 230,000 pounds budget afforded them their very first home together.


Series 3 · Episode 10

In today's episode Alistair Appleton heads to Northumberland to revisit his buyers with a 475,000 pound budget who have moved into one of the houses he showed them.