'I would love to have a gentleman take me out' Emmie Silbery reveals her life secrets at 90

She's the naughty nana from the Silbery family, and here, the 90-year-old imparts some wisdom from her colourful life.

Emmie Silbery may have just celebrated her 90th birthday, but she did so with strippers, drag queens and Kylie Minogue impersonators - as well as the Gogglebox family who celebrated with her.

Emmie Silbery has been joining us each week for the past ten seasons of Gogglebox, and we've learnt so much from her sassy one-liners, heartfelt revelations and hilarious sense of humour.

While we all wish we could be as cool and collected as Emmie at 90, she reveals some of her golden rules in life that we all need to learn:

Up for love

The three Silbery women are all independent in their own right, and live a life on their terms. However, Emmie reveals that she would like some company every now and then: "Yes, I would love to have a gentleman take me out to see a film or for pensioner happy hour on a Friday night," she says.



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But, she'll stay away from online dating - which may be a good idea! "I don't know how to use Tinder properly, so I think I would get mixed up with which way to swipe," she says. We've all been there.

A few favourite things

While Emmie has already ticked off a few things from her bucket list, she reveals one thing that she's yet to do but would love to try: "I'd love to ride in a helicopter," the great-grandmother says.

But one thing she's adamant she will never try would be, "bull’s testicles" - and we totally understand!

And while Emmie has a very open relationship with her daughter, Kerry and granddaughter, Isabelle - she keeps some things to herself, or so she thinks. "I have a secret chocolate stash that I get into every night that I think Kerry doesn't know about."

And when she's reclining and reaches for her favourite tipple, it'll be an icy cold G&T, which is her favourite drink.



Family comes first

When it comes to family, Emmie has strong morals. She raised her children by the rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," and it seems that the motto has resonated with Kerry especially, who she shares a house with.

"I would recommend living with family because it’s a nice alternative from living by myself where it can be lonely," Emmie says.

"The best thing about it is the company and knowing that I'm looked after. But the worst thing is the little arguments over the dishes or leaving the toilet door open."

Live it to the full

At 90, Emmie says her main pet hate is impatient people - which she connects to the younger, tech generation: "The millennials seem to want everything now!," she jokes. 

But when she looks back on her life, she only mentions one regret:  "I regret not finishing my nursing training because it would have helped me survive financially and given me more purpose after my husband left me," she says.

While Emmie has lived a full life, complete with good and bad times just like any - she has one main take away that everyone should live by: "Forgive one another, be kind and see the silver lining in everything."

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