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Series 1 · Episode 1

New mum Amanda is a junk food junkie, piling on the kilos by eating too many chocolates, biscuits and quick and easy meals.

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Series 1 · Episode 2

27 year old bride to be Lisa has always eaten whatever she wants and lots of it. She was a cheerleader and a dancer in the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris but when she left the stage for a desk job, Lisa’s appetite for starchy, fatty foods began to show.

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Series 1 · Episode 3

Busy working mum of three Michelle is stuck in a sugar rut with sit down meals replaced by snacks on the run. In two years she has gained weight, lost confidence and her libido is running slow.

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Series 1 · Episode 4

29 year old Daniela is a passionate Italian - passionate about food that is! Since getting married to husband Nick three years ago, it’s been gnocchi over nookie and she’s gained 18 kilograms.

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Series 1 · Episode 5

28 year old Rebecca is literally living on sugar.

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Series 1 · Episode 6

Sonia is fed up with her lifelong battle with weight and wants to free herself from fad diets. The 33 year old mum of one has piled on weight since getting married ten years ago and she now hides her body from her husband.

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Series 1 · Episode 7

30 year old Janine is a self confessed carboholic. The former promo model’s huge portions of pasta, potatoes and overindulgence in alcohol have piled on the kilos and left her feeling sluggish and unsexy.

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Series 1 · Episode 8

Tammy is a mum of two whose erratic eating habits are taking a toll on her waistline and her love life.

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