Eat Yourself Sexy Australia



Blake Worrall-Thompson

Blake Worrall-Thompson is a health and fitness professional dedicated to helping his clients reach their full potential.

Emma Sutherland

Emma Sutherland is a successful naturopath and the expert nutritionist on the Australian series Eat Yourself Sexy on LifeStyle YOU.

Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson is an Australian media personality, journalist and blogger with an integrated voice across television, radio, magazines, newspapers and online.


New mum Amanda is a junk food junkie, piling on the kilos by eating too many chocolates, biscuits and quick and easy meals


Can the team get this bride to be to change her terrible eating habits in just eight weeks so she can wear her dream dress down the aisle?


Michelle loves to travel and hopes to see all the historic sights of the world.


Will Daniela be able to resist the cakes and pasta and make radical changes to her lifestyle to eat herself sexy?


28 year old Rebecca is literally living on sugar. Her constant cravings for lollies and fizzy drinks have turned this keen sportswoman from fit to flabby.


Sonia is fed up with her lifelong battle with weight and wants to free herself from fad diets.


The former promo model’s huge portions of pasta, potatoes and overindulgence in alcohol have piled on the kilos and left her feeling sluggish and unsexy.


Tammy is a mum of two whose erratic eating habits are taking a toll on her waistline and her love life.