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Stay at home mum, Jocelyn and husband lawyer Mark have lived in their two story federation home for just six months. While their home has been completely architecturally designed and renovated, they have not yet touched the garden. Having lived in an inner city apartment with their three kids for the past five years, they are desperate to have an outdoor space the whole family can enjoy. This family has essentially been living in a holding pattern, saving money for their dream home and garden. With the house finished, it’s time for a garden to complete the package. They want a space for the kids to play in but also for the adults to entertain in and enjoy; a green space where they can teach their kids to live in an eco-friendly way; storage for everything their modest inner city home can’t handle; and to re-route the sump pump to irrigate the garden. Previously a market research analyst, Jocelyn admits that she and Mark are pretty conservative people. But they love the idea of working with a designer who can help them move out of their comfort zone and embrace an adventurous design. Having worked with an architect on their home – they aren’t afraid to speak their mind to make sure that the garden suits their growing family.

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Posted by Report
Dear Brendan,
I must commend all of you making dry spell gardening. All series have been very much like me. I can not imagine how one can combine all these elements in one place. I like very colorful and fresh paint, ... My husband and I live in Slovenia (Europa), which built a new house. We moved into a house in two months. The garden around the house is completely unregulated. I have a vegetable garden. I beg you for some advice, because our family (Oscar, Živa, husband and myself) endlessly enjoy nature. For more information you can visit the e-mail: jerca.zupan1 @ gmail.com
Posted by Leslie4444Report
design is great but can I please comment on the fantastic website with all the info so easily accessed and giving all the details of tradesmen, suppliers, plants budget etc such a help to anyone who is inspired by brendan to get on and do something themselves. Often inspiration becomes too difficult when you just cant find anything out about the result and how to achieve it.
Posted by JillReport
Wow, wow, wow !!! My creative juices are ignited. I just dont know were to start . Sooo many interesting materials,colours and textures.
Brendan is the god of the garden. I might start saying my prayers. Jill
Posted by alan Report
every area has a talking point i.e it's not just plain paving ..all the vertical lines you look for are quickly swapped for the ones nearby that are horizontal , you move you gaze and find another feature different from the last .I find i can't stop searching for another type of material used.. love the use of metal.. it's a bloody artwork again ..congrats Alan
Posted by constant gardenerReport
What a fantastic place for kids to play and explore. Loved the texture and shapes and water feature. Wish it was my garden
Dietes though is a South African plant not a native.
Would love the website to give more information re: the rainwater tank installers and the materials used and a list of plant species and suppliers.
Posted by ElizabethReport
I assume the children in this family only want to sit around and read books - where are they supposed to tear around on a grassy patch like we all did? And how rude is $73,000? That is just not a realistic cost for this small reno.
Posted by TANIA3Report
I agree with the other comments. Last night's garden design was amazing. I'm really enjoying Brendan's new show. It's so much better than any of the other gardening shows which are/have been on TV. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. I'd love to see a Dry Spell garden in Melbourne - where it truly is dry and rain delays are extremely unlikely to occur. My own garden is incredibly depressing at the moment. I'm hoping to get inspiration from Brendan and his show to bring life back to my very dry and sad garden.
Posted by TvaddictReport
The first two episodes of this show has been outstanding. Great job.
Posted by suz123Report
What a inspirational show, fabulous backyard,I am so keen to get outside and do some serious garden improvements, loved the design so cool!! Really liked the deck furniture do you know where it was bought from??Keep up the fantastic job!! What a talent Brendan has with his visons and to create!!Cheers!!
Posted by s2000girlReport
Sensational, great to see the real work that goes on in these jobs. Most other shows depict 3 or 4 people turning up for 2 days and all the work is done. This is much more realistic. With the number of people on site and the number of days involved, you can now see where all the money goes and how unrealistic the other shows are. Congratulations! When does season 2 start! How about filming some shows in Melbourne, I volunteer!