DIY SOS: The Big Build

About the Show

About the Show

Nick Knowles and his team continue to help homeowners across Britain with their DIY projects.

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Posted by Paula15Report
Forgot to say, I have a favourite, the one with the gorgeous eyes and wide smile 2nd from right in picture. He's lovely.
Posted by Paula15Report
love the show, probably a bit behind here in Ozz on Foxtell, but really enjoy watching you lot bantering together. Your hearts are definitely in the right place and the work you do is amazing. Good luck to you all and your future recipients, will keep watching. Paula x
Posted by Colleen233Report
My partner Chris has terminal cancer. He had to part with his home and now lives in his shack at Trial Harbour Tasmania. It needs a lot of finishing off and some new rooms to make it more comfortable for him. He is trying to keep working to earn more money to be able to do this. He has done a lot himself but he works 5 x 12 hour shifts then has 5 days off but he is working all the time and never stops. He has so much to do but never has a rest. He has lost one kidney and suffers terrible side effects from the oral chemotherapy, sore feet etc when he is on the medication for 4 weeks at a time. He has two weeks off and just starts to recover then is back on medication. I thought you might be able to help him or point me in the right direction. Many thanks. He is a wonderful man, pillar of the community, and doesn't deserve this.
Posted by sueban1963Report
Love the show. Wish you was in WA as we have wood rot in our windows, so they are going to fall out soon as well as the glass is the old style super thin, very unsafe for the kids to be around and we just cant afford to get them fixed so no idea what will happen this winter when the wind and rain hit them again.. Any recommendations on who can fix and cheaply to please?
Posted by Peter DReport
Hi Guys
You are doing an Amazing job for these people and to get all those Tradies, friends and others involved is great too see. I know how involved it becomes for the home owner as I have renovated our 1920 Californian Bungalow over the past few years and am coming to the end but as I am retired I have time. Keep up the good work.
Bridge Creek Australia
Posted by PerkyReport
I live in a unit(2 bed atrium style} in Queensland Australia. We are about to spend $40000.00 on renovations...Kitchen/bathroom and I am afraid of making the wrong decisions. We currently have laminate floors(pine colour) and I want to update to stone benches etc, would love to have a green(pale frost colour) paint throughout, can you recommend a benchtop colour to blend in???
Posted by Vasile4Report
Hi everyone,I am living a renovation nightmare and I need expert advice/help. Is someone available in N.S.W Australia? .If so , please send me the contact details. Kind regards Vasile.
Posted by John200Report
wonderful work for the disadvantaged in the country you live in
I only wish I lived over there so I could lend a hand .Nick you and I have been in contact before but I lost your email address .john golding it would be great to catch up again .
Posted by teddybear1Report
THE best and most heartwarming and funny show on Lifestyle. Even though I've lived in Australia most of my life - this show makes me feel so proud of my British heritage. My dream would be to see a show like this and as genuine as this in Australia. When we mature a bit more perhaps.
Posted by Report
I am currently watching the episode of DIY SOS: the big build, where the team is helping mum Louise and Thomas (her young autistic son). We (my son & I)are in the same situation, just 10 years ahead. My son is 19yrs old and Autistic. He is a big lad, whom needs his own space...and our house has become too small.I am a Veterinary Nurse but like Louise, had to give up work with my son's needs becoming priority. Living on a carers pension, I dont have the funds to finish renovating my house..either with view of moving to a bigger property so Jaymes could have some independence,or extending for Jaymes' needs. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, as Jaymes will live with me forever..under my care. I applaud what your crew did for Louise & can be a very lonely, hard existance as I am fully aware of...and you've made a wonderful difference to thier lives. Warms the heart. Regards Kim Smith