Diet Doctors

Episode Guide

Series 3 Episode Guide

Esther Thirkettle

Series 3 · Episode 1

The dangers of junk food; what happens when your colon stops working - one woman's horrific battle to overcome faecal vomiting. And the young man whose sweet tooth led to no teeth at all.

Susan French

Series 3 · Episode 2

The Diet Doctors team help 42 year old Susan French who suffers with a life threatening allergic condition of angioedema - what foods are triggering her potentially fatal skin swellings?

Mandy Longhurst

Series 3 · Episode 3

The Diet Doctors take on Mandy Longhurst, a 37 year old mother of two who is constantly tired and suffers with unbearable chronic headaches. Dr Samina discovers Mandy has fungal infections and worried about her 30 a day smoking habit

Kath Foggan

Series 3 · Episode 4

The Diet Doctors tackle 21 stone Kath Foggan; a yo yo dieter at serious risk of heart attack if she doesn't lose weight.

Marie Gough

Series 3 · Episode 5

Are you too big to bonk? Could your weight put an end to your love life? Plus the battle to keep the BO at bay - could botox be the cure?

Dominique Williams

Series 3 · Episode 6

The dangers of extreme diets are revealed. Plus, how being overweight could seriously jeopardize your chances of getting pregnant and can the diet doctor's team help turn tonight's patients into a yummy mummy?

Sue Appleton

Series 3 · Episode 7

The Diet Doctors team help Sue Appleton who is dangerously overweight and with central obesity, she has the classic outward appearance of Metabolic Syndrome a disorder that's a one way ticket to heart disease and diabetes.

Mark Skorupa

Series 3 · Episode 8

Could a simple supplement prevent your toddler's temper tantrums? Can a 'pot of yogurt really help your gut? the truth about probiotics and sleep eating.