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Series 1 · Episode 6

Martin and Teresa tried replacing the stove in their 1930's house but new models wouldn't fit the allotted space. Shaynna and the team are here to re-start the renovation and have the deadline of winter.

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    8 December: 2:45pm on Lifestyle
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Series 1 · Episode 7

Max and Kirby might look like your average couple, but scratch the surface and they're a little bit quirky. They want a home that reflects their personalities and have given the team the licence to go wild.

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    15 December: 3:15pm on Lifestyle
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Series 1 · Episode 8

Mark's inner city cottage is so lacking in furnishings, it's hard to believe he even lives there. He's counting on Shaynna to create a cool, urban bachelor pad, that's great for entertaining.

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    22 December: 3:15pm on Lifestyle
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Series 1 · Episode 9

Good design needs to suit the whole family, but that can be a challenge when you're catering for 2 adults, 3 kids, 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, a gold fish and a great dane. Can Shaynna come up with a pet friendly renovation?

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    29 December: 3:20pm on Lifestyle
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