Cracking Antiques



Mid Century Modern Design Style

4 minute read

A couple search for an affordable retro interior to suit their 1950s bungalow.

Georgian Style Decorating Tips

5 minute read

Give your home a Georgian makeover with these decorating tips.

Turn Of The Century Home Decorating Tips

3 minute read

Expert tips to create a room inspired by films like Sherlock Holmes and The Golden Compass.

Patchwork Cushion Pattern Making

2 minute read

Give your old couch a lift with a gorgeous, handmade cushion.

Renovating A Country Home

3 minute read

Ellen and Dean Barker want to renovate their rural family home on a budget. Cracking Antiques shows you and them how.

Shabby Chic Antiques

5 minute read

Long for a shabby, chic haven to call your own? We've got your DIY plan right here.

DIY Dining Table

3 minute read

How to create a stunning, one-off dining table from old, salvaged floorboards.

French Bedroom Antiques

4 minute read

Rebekah Prince from Essex longs for an opulent French bedroom.

Rococo Lamp DIY

1 minute read

If you find a shabby standard lamp and want to transform it into a glamorous OTT rococo lamp, here's how.