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Common Sense recap: Would you spend $2k a month on your dog?

It’s episode two and, like that all-important second date, our Common Sense cast are coming out of their shells a little more.

The threat of nuclear war after a North Korean missile launch this week got the Common Sense cast thinking about the end of the world.

Jake the real estate agent said the first thing he’d take into his nuclear bunker would be a television. Not sure what would be screening after the world ends - my guess is Brady Bunch reruns.

Over at the bra shop, Lois took on the 'end of the world' hypothetical in her classic practical style, pondering what you’d actually do all day if you were the only survivor on earth. Hmm, good point.

We then heard the story about glamour mum Bella Vrondos, who claims she is taunted for her wardrobe choices when picking the kids up from school.

It brought out the best in Laurence, who thought the people criticising her were "self righteous sanctimonious Sydney twat burgers".

Laurence takes insults to a Paul Keating level, and I love it.

Marketers Andre and Steve saw through this story though, noting that she runs a boutique and is probably just chasing followers for Instagram.

Aren't we all! But I go about it a bit more traditionally, with shots of my dog and amazing pizzas I’ve eaten.

I hope tennis player Bernard Tomic wasn’t watching this week as he got a big smack down from the crew.

Sarah the tech entrepreneur suggested that Tomic break up with tennis in a ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ style. I wonder if that’s how she cuts men loose?

Helen cut Tomic a little slack based on his age though, saying that at 24, she thought she was going to marry a Backstreet Boy.

At 24, I wanted to be a Play School presenter! I still keep that dream alive, however.

On a side note, I noticed that Jake always has his stress ball in hand. That must be the least squeezed stress ball in Australia!

He seems like a chilled out dude, who gets to work with his best mate and have a laugh every day. I might look into real estate if Play School don’t return my emails soon.

Ted from the AJT retirement crew was put on the spot by Aileen and Jean, when discussing the story about frequent ejaculations helping to fight prostate cancer.

Aileen asked Ted just what is meant by frequent - "Twice a day? Six times on Sunday?" Ted wisely avoided answering that one!

Trudi once again took a step closer to being my life coach and mentor after she revealed that she spends around $2,000 a month on her dogs Molly and Bear.

I’m a huge dog lover and this just endeared her to me even more. The revelation came while the Yip’s were discussing news that many Australians spend a third of their salary on pets.

Trudi revealed she takes her dogs to doggy day care, a special Japanese nutritionist and a day spa - it made me want to rent a dog costume and move in with Trudi.

Aileen was having none of this nonsense though, and suggested people who spend a third of their salary on their pets "should go talk to a psych". I would, as long as I can bring my pooch along.

The final story was about a possible employment crisis due to robots taking our jobs.

Brett jokingly revealed he scans expensive items as unwashed potatoes at the self check-out.

I think corporations might be a bit sceptical about introducing robots after that!

Oh Brett, you’re a larrikin, a larrikin who might be banned from supermarkets after tonight. Remember, when all else fails, use your common sense.

Mel's Musings

1. There’s a bit more fire in Laurence’s belly this week and I’m loving watching him fly off the handle - I can’t wait for him to start his own no nonsense political party!

2. Sarah is also a keen dog lover, musing that she wishes she could text her dog - me too Sarah. You’re the tech nerd, invent the app already! Hit Trudi up for some start-up capital, let’s get this done.

3. One of my favourite moments of this episode was when Eric the butcher had to point out to his co-worker Luke that being an Anglican means he’s a Christian - this was all news to Luke.

Common Sense continues, Wednesdays at 7.30pm on Lifestyle.

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