Common Sense

Common Sense recap: The appropriate response to d*** pics

Mel Buttle recaps this week's Common Sense as the cast discusses the rules of sending naked photos.

One of my favourites, Laurence the removalist, opened this episode with a bang, hitting back at Donald Trump's tweet about banning transgender people from the military.

He called Trump "an absolute f***ing turnip" - oh I love you Laurence, I can never guess what you’ll say next. Get this guy his own radio show immediately.

Darren Yip the marketseller also questioned Trump's new policy, wondering where the proof is that transgender people can’t do the job.

Eric the butcher, and ever the optimist when it comes to Trump, thinks this wouldn’t even be Trump’s idea, but some of his military generals telling him what to do.

I love how over in the bra shop, Lois just refuses to take Trump seriously and calls him "fish lips". Cutting but fair, Lois!

Speaking of d***s, this week a woman hit the news for stating in her tinder bio that if she received any unsolicited dick pics, she would forward them to the guy's mum.

Aileen wanted to know what the purpose of sending a picture like this is. Ted tried to delicately explain that maybe the gent sending the pic was making the most of his endowment by showing it off.

Aileen pushed Ted on the issue further, pondering that it would be hard to take a photo of such a thing.

Ted, sharp as a tack replied, "Yes it’d be hard alright". Go Ted! Witty as they come, our Ted. Watch out Graham Norton, you’ve got competition.

The topic of how to spot a psychopath hit the morning TV circuit this week, and the Common Sense cast leapt to the task of doing the quick online test to find out if they were psychopaths.

Eric the butcher cottoned onto his sidekick Luke pretty quickly as potentially having some of the traits.

Luke sealed his fate for me when he said without psychopaths around in society to bully people, no one would do anything. Interesting approach Luke...

Of course, an online quiz never lies, and the results showed that Eric was right and yes, Luke could maybe be a psychopath.

Better to have one working for you than work for one I suppose, hey Eric?

Elsewhere, the council is debating erecting a plaque to commemorate the number of people who died from drug overdoses in Victoria St, Melbourne.

This got tongues wagging in the cast, with Jean stating that you get a memorial when you’ve served your country, not used drugs.

Robert and Frank in the clothes shop wondered if the plaque might encourage conversation about the effects of drug use and serve as a reminder to the community.

Lois in the bra shop thought it might be better to spend the money on providing rehabilitation for drug users. 

On a lighter note, the cast saw footage of panda handlers dressed in a full panda suit interacting with panda cubs.

This brought laugher and smiles to everyone, except for Jake, as Ayden showed off his superior cuddling technique on him.

No means no Ayden!

The show ended on a touching moment, with Eric the butcher revealing his father had passed away recently.

Eric showed his softer side, tearing up about his late father during a discussion with Luke about euthanasia.

On the whole, the cast seemed supportive of Victorian premier Daniel Andrews' idea to allow medically assisted euthanasia, as long as there were some thorough checks and balances.

Poor Eric though, seeing him like that made me want to give him a big hug. Maybe Ayden could do it, I’ve heard he’s pretty good at hugging!

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