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Common Sense recap: Should we change Australia Day?

Mel Buttle has her say on Common Sense, in the week that saw Yarra Council change its Australia Day celebrations.

This week Jake turned the ripe old age of 30. Happy birthday Jake, may your day be filled with bouncy stress balls and new socks!

I’m not sure how long Jake and Ayden will be in real estate after the roasting the boys gave Barnaby Joyce this week - I think a comedy YouTube channel is calling lads.

Aileen from the retirement home looked lovely in lavender this week, while Ted stuck with his usual look. I call it the 'retired train driver'.

Still no Jean though - I miss her! Maybe Dawn Fraser could fill in?

Ted and Aileen got yapping about the pig organ transplant story. Aileen had a cracker, saying she 'doesn’t want any pigs in her'. Me either Aileen, that’s why I don’t go to nightclubs anymore.

Lawrence went to town on the Pauline Hanson burqa saga, listing off a few choice terms for Pauline, such as "watermelon" and "cheetoh".

He’s a very creative young man that Lawrence.

Eric the butcher thought it was a great stunt. Eye roll to you Eric, I think the nitrates have got you mate.

The Yips had a discussion supporting Pauline’s viewpoint that the burqa is a safety concern for banks, yawn.

The most common sense on this story came from Aileen in the retirement home, who said she wouldn’t ever tell anyone to take it off, and it’s their right to wear it - I agree Aileen.

Meanwhile, news that the Yarra Council in Victoria will no longer celebrate Australia Day on January 26 sparked discussion.

In unsurprising news, the change the date movement pissed Eric off.

You might like to know, Eric, that it’s only been a public holiday on January 26 since 1994.

Yes that’s right, it’s not a long held part of history at all, it’s been around since Forest Gump was released.

Aboriginal people have been around for a tad longer - 60,000 years.

Sarah had a cracker of an idea suggesting that we have the public holiday in NAIDOC week. Very good idea babe, love it.

Ayden got it, saying celebrating on that day is a slap in the face to the Indigenous community.

I don’t see why it has to be on that day, it’s just like when your birthday’s on Tuesday and you have the party the following weekend, it’s not a big deal guys.

Aileen let me down on this one saying she likes it, as she likes tradition. Well stop voting then Aileen.

Finally this week, the cast tore shreds off self-proclaimed ghost hunter Graham, who reckoned he could detect paranormal activity using Xbox technology.

Jake said Graham had "just super-glued all his toys together".

Ted had a cracker of a line saying that he too has seen spirits, methylated spirits. Ten points Teddy!

The best piece of advice this week came from Brett, perhaps we should all take a leaf out his book and "calm down and crack a tinnie". Cheers Brett.

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