Common Sense

Common Sense recap: Real Australians have their say on marriage equality

Mel Buttle recaps Common Sense in the week that saw a postal plebiscite on marriage equality announced.

Let’s begin with an update on some of the cast.

Laurence still hasn’t had a haircut and Brett is still funny as ever.

Jean is doing okay, but is still away from the show as the poor love has pneumonia. At 92 that’s a big deal, get well soon Jean, I miss you!

Also Jean just FYI, Aileen is being a real spicy meatball to Ted without you around to level her out.

Finally, Luke from the butcher shop is away on his honeymoon, so this week we got Dave filling in for Luke on both the meat and the meaty opinions.

The postal plebiscite on marriage equality saw the cast echo a cacophony of 'Do your job' and 'Just get it done', even from butcher Eric.

He admits he’s a right winger, and I don’t mean for the Wallabies, but said: "I don’t give a stuff, let them get married."

Good on you Eric! If Eric doesn’t oppose marriage equality, then Malcolm Turnbull might need to get some new focus groups in for policy testing, as I see Eric as a good barometer for the average Coalition fan.

In not surprising news, Ted and Aileen are voting no to marriage equality. Yawn and boo to that.

Maybe if they could see tech girl Sarah's tearful response to discussion on the issue, they might realise it’s a huge deal for some people and their no vote is just helping to make gorgeous people like Sarah (and me) very sad.

Laurence wasn’t so teary on the issue but rather gave the government a spray for going to a postal non-binding plebiscite, saying that they are "handballing, buck-passing pieces of"...well you can guess the next word in that sentence.

Michelle-Ann reminds me so much of Prue and Trude from Kath and Kim. Maybe it’s the shop setting or the Melbourne accent, but all I see is a blue apron and a nice chambray shirt whenever she speaks.

It’s a compliment Michelle-Ann - I’m a huge fan of you and Kath and Kim.

This realisation hit me while the cast discussed the Taylor Swift case. The pop star successfully sued a man who groped her bottom, for the princely sum of $1.

The tech girls think it’s awesome that she’s making a point and sticking up for women everywhere. The marketing blokes reckon she’s done the right thing too.

Go Tay-Tay, and yes, I agree with the jury in this case, as they teach you in year one we should all keep our hands to ourselves.

Elsewhere, the cast all agreed that streakers at the cricket shouldn’t be classified as sexual offenders, and that the fine of $5500 was more than enough punishment.

Brett the removalist added that he finds cricket boring and anything they can do to "spruce it up" would be welcomed.

I’ve got to agree, cricket certainly is a test - a test to see if you can watch men chase a ball for five days straight without getting bored.

That's it for this week! Remember, if all else fails, wear rainbow socks and squeeze your stress ball.

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