Come Dine With Me Australia


Cast Bios



Ellen is a fun rock chick who splits her time between being a full time purchasing supervisor and a busy mum and wife yet when it comes to her time her passion for Pilates and rock music are important. Ellen loves to try new recipes her love for cooking came as she watched her grandmother cook for the family traditional Greek food growing up not only did she take her name but her cooking skills too. When not out and about rocking away Ellen loves to spend time with her Husband and son the loves of her life listening to Rock music whist going for a drive where ever the road takes them and watching soccer being huge Italian soccer fans they will be up at all hours cheering on their team Juventus. Behind the tattoos and Rock music Ellen is down to earth and carefree cooking for friends and family is important seeing people being brought together by a good meal is such a great feeling!


Harry T is a Professional Member of the Australian Psychics Association and is recognized as one of the top spiritual practitioners in the world. He is passionate about travelling and experiencing different cultures and loves trying traditional foods! Harry’s life changed significantly after the passing of his beloved mother, which enhanced his naturally empathic nature and shifted his consciousness. He has always wanted to help empower humanity and utilizes the media in a constructive manner to relay messages about spiritual phenomena to the masses. He feels that food is one of life’s greatest blessings that should be cherished as it brings joy and nourishment to people’s lives.


Alexi’s greatest passions in life are food, wine, family & friends, ideally all at once. In his element when entertaining, Alexi is always the centre of attention at parties and get-togethers. He admits he often drives his wife and close friends crazy. Alexi’s other obsession is Greek and Roman history, whether reading about it, watching films or travelling to Greece and Italy. A self-taught cook who loves to push boundaries, food is more than a hobby for Alexi. He has owned ‘The Italian Bowl, an Italian Restaurant Newtown for last 7 years. Whilst Alexi loves going to fine dining restaurants and doesn't care about the costs, he is as happy to eat in slum areas around the world for the experience. A firm family man, Alexi and his wife have four kids and another on the way.


Sami works as an Account Director for one of the largest advertising organisations in Australia – Yellow Pages and has been part of the YP organisation for the past 8 years. Before that Sami managed a small boutique HR firm for 8 years. Sami is very family orientated with 2 adult children and a pilot husband to cook for and does so every night – “the kids sometimes like to pitch in as they both love to cook too and we always sit down at the table together at least 4 out of 7 nights”. Sami has an amazing extended family and has been inspired to cook since she was a child watching her mother and nanna cook from a roast to lamingtons. “My mother and grandmother were and my mother still is, a wonderful and clever cook – she cooks for her family and friends and loves it”. Sami loves catching up with her “crazy” girlfriends weekly for sushi and champagne – “every girl needs her girlfriends – they keep me sane and make me laugh”