Celebrity Fit Club

Episode Guide

Series 7 Episode Guide

The Wake-Up Call

Series 7 · Episode 1

A new all-star cast of celebrities, featuring Bobby Brown, Nicole Eggert, Kevin Federline,and in a shocking twist, Kevin's ex, Shar Jackson, arrive at CFC to experience the most brutal celebrity workout on television.

The Warrior Within Ep

Series 7 · Episode 2

A simulated beach raid puts the cast on the wrong side of Harvey's water cannon as Kevin and Bobby burn some calories... and lose their pants. An emotional and tear-filled bonfire helps say goodbye to old baggage.

Fight or Flight

Series 7 · Episode 3

Bobby Brown threatens to check out when a "prison break" challenge complete with fierce guard dogs triggers his "fear response." Can Harvey get him to man-up and face his biggest fears?


Series 7 · Episode 4

A brutal, muddy and windy teamwork challenge brings out the worst in Tanisha and Sebastian as they bare their fangs and throw down.

The Art of War

Series 7 · Episode 5

Both teams finally get the chance vent some anger in an epic Pugil Stick battle where an unlikely Fit Clubber emerges as the big hero. After last week's blow up, Rhonda teaches a much needed Anger Management exercise.

Play to Your Strengths

Series 7 · Episode 6

Bobby Brown disappoints his team and Harvey by announcing he has a prior engagement and will be leaving Fit Camp. Can Harvey get him to commit to the program?

Mind Over Matter

Series 7 · Episode 7

Harvey forces the cast to put Mind over Matter as a CFC Marathon pushes the cast beyond their limits. The next day, in a session to help them learn to turn a negative into a positive.

The Crucible

Series 7 · Episode 8

A grueling Hell Week challenge sends one Celebrity Fit Clubber to the hospital while the rest are forced to rough it outdoors. Later, Kevin Federline gets a chance to man-up and help Shar Jackson move on.


Series 7 · Episode 9

In the final challenge, the cast revisits "The Punisher," the course that left many of them crushed and bruised the first time around. The 200K Grand Prize winners are revealed