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'My kids gave me chilli sauce!' Gogglebox dads reveal their favourite Father's Day moments

Happy Father's Day!

Whether it's their very best dad joke, favourite dad memories - or simply why they love being a dad we celebrate Father's Day with the Jacksons, the Daltons, and the Delpechitras from Gogglebox weigh in. 


The Dalton Family

What's your dad's favourite dad joke?

Holly: Dad is always making fun of situations and he has the daggiest jokes I know. Whenever we say, "I feel I look ugly tonight " he says, “Well, just imagine how tough it is for us as we have to look at you all the time!"

His other favourite joke is: What did the grape do when it was stepped on? Let out a little wine.

The main problem is he thinks he's hilarious!

What’s the best advice your dad has ever given you?

Millie: Dad always says to just be nice to friends, always have fun and do your best.

Holly: Dad taught us to have no fear in fishing, playing sports, riding bikes or walking into a crowded room. When we were only five, dad used to make us give speeches and practice telling stories all the time. I guess it has helped us gain confidence.

What is your favourite memory with your dad?

Holly: Every night dad would put us to bed and tell stories about a naughty boy called Corey.

He would tell us all the naughty things he would do and how he had no friends because he was naughty to others.

Millie and I were fascinated by these stories and I think they went on for years. He would often repeat the stories and Millie would catch him out with some new specifics. We loved those stories and we were so scared of being naughty.

Millie: He used to take us with a picnic hamper to the footy every weekend, teach us how to ride bikes, and he made us go fishing with him regularly. He hardly ever caught fish but he used to think he was Bear Grylls.

Holly: One day I caught a massive squid when we went fishing but dad and Millie didn’t believe me until they saw the rod had nearly snapped in half1

Matt on Father's Day

What’s the best and worst Father’s Day gift you've ever received?

The kids used to always make something ridiculous for me at school. I appreciated it was always with love but in terms of practicality it was next to useless.

What do you love about being a dad?

Our kids are great communicators and very affectionate. Seeing them grow up from young babies to adults and enjoying the journey is truly fascinating, as is showing them different facets of life - it's truly rewarding.

What’s your favourite memory of being a dad so far?

Camping with the kids. Seeing them out in nature and the countryside, and totally distant from their normal city lifestyle. They were fascinated by sleeping outside, fishing and simply putting their iPhones away for a few days to do all things that kids do.

I distinctly remember Holly running around the whole campsite telling everyone that snakes were everywhere and to lock up your kids!

And I remember Millie running over to me saying that those country kids go shooting with rifles every weekend and the guns have real bullets -  she was too scared to talk to them in case they shot her!

The Jackson Family on Father's Day

What’s the best advice your dad has ever given you?

Britney: Life is too short to not order fries.

What is your favourite memory with your dad?

Britney: Dad teaching me how to kick a footy between the goals.

Chase: Going to Leichardt Oval to watch the West Tigers.

Grant on Father's Day

What’s the best and worst Father’s Day gift you have ever received?

One of my favourite gifts would have to be a book mark from Chase which had a photo of him on it when he was in pre-school.

The pose they made him do was like a posed model shoot! It still makes me laugh every time I open a book.

My least favourite would have to be the large collection of key rings I have ended up with from Father's Day stalls.

What do you love about being a dad?

Just watching them grow and become their own people. Each kid is so different with different strengths and weaknesses.

What’s your favourite memory of being a dad and why?

Every memory is awesome, but seeing their faces all day when we had a holiday to the theme parks on the Gold Coast.

The Delpechitra Family on Father's Day

What dad joke is your dad famous for?

Wendel: Dad tells heaps of stories and jokes. He has a variety but always refers to the old days back in Sri Lanka when he was a little boy when he used to get into mischief in school or about how he used to smash the bowlers around and be in the national paper the next day.

What’s the best piece advice your dad has ever given you?

Wendel: To be positive, always bounce back, to never give up and help others. On the way to cricket when I was a junior he would fire me up and not take any crap on the field. It was like the World Cup every weekend.

What is your favourite memory of your dad?

Wendel: Car rides with dad to the cricket matches.

Vestal: When we were in Hawaii and dad randomly started singing happy birthday to me 6 months early and got the whole restaurant to join in!

Ethan: When dad wakes up in the morning to serve me breakfast and gives me a hug.

Patrick on Father's Day: 

What’s the worst Father’s Day gift you've ever received?

One year my kids gave me a wide selection of chilli sauces and I’m still burning from them!

What do you love about being a dad?

Seeing the children growing up to be kind-hearted kids and caring for others.

What’s your favourite memory of being a dad and why?

Going with the kids to their sporting activities and taking my eldest son to his cricket matches. No-one can ever take those special moments away.

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