Born In The Wrong Body: Girls To Men



Transgender Teen: How People Accepted My Transition

1 minute read

Opening up to LifeStlye YOU, Alfie star of our documentary Born in the Wrong Body: Girls to Men, speaks candidly about how his life has changed since publicly documenting his transition.

Transgender Teen Takes Selfie Everyday for Three Years

3 minute read

Transgender people once felt they needed to hid in the shadows, but this new generation are bearing all online.

What is actually involved in a transgender transformation?

5 minute read

Your child or teen has decided to transition. What is the next step? Dr Brad McKay, GP and medical expert from Embarrassing Bodies Down Under talks through what to expect, and how you can help your child.

What family and friends need to know about transgender children

5 minute read

Having a child, teenager or young friend come out as transgender or considering transitioning is a huge time in their lives. They need support, guidance and love. Here is an educational guide from Dr Brad McKay to help parents and siblings throughout the