Beyond The Naughty Step

Episode Guide

Series 4 Episode Guide

The Smith-Clark Family

Series 4 · Episode 1

Four year old Cameron Smith – Clarke was one of Supernanny’s toughest challenges yet. His violent and aggressive behaviour was alienating his friends, tearing is family apart and pushing his Mum, Nicky to the very edge.

The Gromley-Brickly Family

Series 4 · Episode 2

Before Supernanny, life in the Gormley – Brickley household was complete chaos. Dealing with not one but two sets of twins all under the age of five, parents Anne and Steve were not only outnumbered, they were overwhelmed.

The Wynne-Jones Family

Series 4 · Episode 3

When Supernanny went to North Wales to help the Wynne – Jones family she came up against more than she bargained for. Not only did she have to deal with four unruly kids but two parents who were on completely opposite sides of the page.