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Series 24 · Episode 9

What could be better than tucking into a big pile of chocolate eggs this Easter? A decadent slice that combines Easter eggs with loads of other yummy things!

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    19 April: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Series 22 · Episode 7

Johanna, Graham and Jason head to Melbourne to check out the biggest horticultural show in the Southern Hemisphere. They're bringing you all the glitz and glamour from MIFGS, including the most outstanding garden displays and exhibitors.

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    22 April: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Episode 26

Series 23 · Episode 26

Graham's travelling to the UK to bring you all the best from the newest flower show in the world. Set in the stunning grounds of Chatsworth House in Derbyshire's Peak District is the first ever RHS Chatsworth Flower Show.

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    23 April: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Episode 27

Series 23 · Episode 27

We'd all love to live mortgage free, but if you can't the next best thing is to have your mortgage pay itself off. This week Johanna's visiting some small-scale homes that make that idea a reality.

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    24 April: 4:20pm on Lifestyle

Anzac Day

Series 24 · Episode 10

Johanna, Tara, Jason, Graham and Adam are teaming up for a very special makeover to commemorate ANZAC Day.

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    25 April: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Episode 8

Series 23 · Episode 8

A few years is a long time in the gorilla world, and Dr Harry's latest adventure is a case in point! He's off to Werribee Open Range Zoo, in Victoria, to catch up with a few of his old friends, the gorillas.

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    26 April: 4:20pm on Lifestyle

Episode 29

Series 23 · Episode 29

Fast Ed's putting a new spin on a family favourite. He's making rissoles and sneaking in some mushrooms for extra flavour, but your kids will never guess they're eating something healthy.

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    29 April: 4:20pm on Lifestyle

Episode 30

Series 23 · Episode 30

With property prices around Australia still at an all-time high, many families are looking for clever ways to maximise the space they have and even generate some extra income on the side. That's where granny flats come in!

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    30 April: 4:20pm on Lifestyle

Episode 32

Series 23 · Episode 32

Tara's turning a boring kid's bedroom into a colourful, fun and creative space. With lots of bright colours, a clever pegboard wall game and a cute emoji theme. This makeover is full of great ideas you can incorporate at home.

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    1 May: 4:20pm on Lifestyle

Episode 33

Series 23 · Episode 33

Karen's cooking a meal perfect for those days when you just need to get dinner on the table fast. Her soy, honey and ginger chicken is as easy as throwing everything onto a tray and popping it in the oven.

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    2 May: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Episode 34

Series 23 · Episode 34

Spring is the best time of year to get out into the garden and start growing your own veggies and this week, Graham's meeting a lady whose home garden is full of inspiration. Sue loves her fruit and veg.

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    3 May: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Episode 35

Series 23 · Episode 35

Graham's travelling to Canberra to check out a very special woman who's combined her love of nature and art to create a unique family garden. Tina is a mosaic and stained glass artist.

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    6 May: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Episode 36

Series 23 · Episode 36

Karens visiting the nation's capital to cook - She's at Government House in Canberra, and is using the opportunity to whip up a true-blue Aussie meal that is bursting with flavour.

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    7 May: 4:10pm on Lifestyle

Mother's Day

Series 22 · Episode 14

With Mother's Day just around the corner, its a great time to celebrate all of the women in our lives, and Karen's invited along a very special guest to do just that, it's her sister, Odette, a professional pastry chef!

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    8 May: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Mother's Day

Series 23 · Episode 15

The best way to treat mum this Mother's Day is with a day off from cooking...but what if you're cooking skills leave a lot to be desired? Fast Ed's helping Andrew and his three kids cook up a Mother's Day feast.

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    9 May: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Mother's Day

Series 24 · Episode 13

We all know that mums love a beautiful bunch of flowers come Mother's Day, but what about something to display them in? Tara's sharing some great ideas to re-purpose old bottles and jars, that mum will love.

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    10 May: 4:10pm on Lifestyle

Episode 37

Series 23 · Episode 37

The best home gardens don't just look pretty, they're practical too. This week, Jason's turning a tired and unloved front yard into a functional space that also looks a million bucks. Along the way, he's sharing lots of clever tips.

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    13 May: 4:10pm on Lifestyle

Episode 38

Series 23 · Episode 38

To celebrate the warmer weather, Fast Ed's sharing a recipe which is perfect for picnics and barbecues. His sweet potato fritters are made with buttermilk, zucchini, and lots of herbs and they're perfect picnic fare.

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    14 May: 4:10pm on Lifestyle

Episode 39

Series 23 · Episode 39

Adam's meeting up with a group of ladies who love to DIY but need some pointers on how to use their tools correctly. Adam's filling them in on the basics and teaching them how to make a simple-yet-stylish chopping board.

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    15 May: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Episode 40

Series 23 · Episode 40

Better Homes and Gardens is gearing up for the race that stops a nation.The team are celebrating all things Melbourne Cup; from a behind-the-scenes look at Flemington's spectacular rose garden to the best race-themed canapes.

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    16 May: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Episode 3

Series 24 · Episode 3

We all have those pieces of furniture that have seen better days, but hold too many memories to throw away. This week, Adam's sharing his top tips for restoring old furniture.

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    17 May: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Episode 4

Series 24 · Episode 4

With the costs of living forever on the rise, we could all do with a few ideas to save some extra cash. Whether you're after some money-saving recipes or ideas for making over your home.

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    20 May: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Episode 5

Series 24 · Episode 5

This week, Karen's making one of her all-time favourite recipes- a simple steak salad. Also, this week Tara's showing you how to transform the look of your home using one little packet of fabric dye.

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    21 May: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Episode 6

Series 24 · Episode 6

When you're renovating or updating your home, $1000 doesn't get you very far. But this week Adam, Jason and Tara are teaming up to prove that, with some inspiration and the right know-how, it can.

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    22 May: 4:10pm on Lifestyle

Episode 11

Series 24 · Episode 11

When you're renovating your home, the garage probably isn't the first space that comes to mind. But not only is it loaded with storage potential, for many people it's right at the front of the house.

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    23 May: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Episode 12

Series 24 · Episode 12

Tonight, the team from Better Homes and Gardens is getting together for an epic weekend escape. They're heading to South Australia to check out the bustling city of Adelaide.

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    24 May: 4:10pm on Lifestyle

Episode 15

Series 24 · Episode 15

Aussies love their backyards...but who says they always have to go out the back? This week, Johanna and Pete are visiting an amazing home in Perth which has moved the garden from out back to smack bang in the middle of the house.

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    27 May: 4:10pm on Lifestyle

Episode 16

Series 24 · Episode 16

Jason's headed to the Yarra Valley to check out a sculpture artist who has carved out a unique space for himself. Also, Fast Ed's headed to the country on another foodie adventure.

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    28 May: 4:10pm on Lifestyle

Episode 18

Series 24 · Episode 18

The weather has turned chilly, which means its time for winter woollies, nights by the fire, and lots of hearty and comforting food. This week, Fast Ed's making a winter stew with a twist.

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    29 May: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Episode 19

Series 24 · Episode 19

Johanna and Fast Ed are travelling to Australia's biggest national park for an epic foodie adventure. Dual World Heritage-listed Kakadu is known for both its outstanding natural and cultural values.

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    30 May: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Episode 20

Series 24 · Episode 20

1000 shows and counting! We get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the everyday lives of the BH&G team: from their families to their homes, their passion projects and everything in between.

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    31 May: 4:00pm on Lifestyle