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About the Show

Better Homes and Gardens offers viewers a practical and easy guide to creating great food, a beautiful garden and a warm and friendly home. Join presenter Johanna Griggs and established team of experts – Graham Ross (Horticulturalist), Dr Harry Cooper (Vet), Rob Palmer (DIY), Ed Halmagyi (Fast Food presenter), Jason Hodges (landscaper), Karen Martini (food presenter) and Tara Dennis (interior expert) – and see the homes and gardens come alive. Each episode is packed full of inspirational ideas and achievable decorating, DIY, craft, food and gardening projects. It’s all about better living.

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Posted by Sue252Report
Dr Harry, We have a rescue dog who is 6 years old. Mini poodle x Maltese, she is very loveable wth people who visit once we introduce her but when we take her for a walk she tries to nip people walking past. What can we do.
Please help before she hurts someone.
Posted by Andrew207Report
History - Bubby the hand reared & very tame Zebra Finch had balance and leg function problems as a baby. My local vets couldn't help. They know very little about birds. I live in Wodonga - 500 km from you. A local small pet shop (I usually avoid them) is owned by somebody very good with birds. He told me that the 'go to' remedy for birds is antibiotics & gave me some along with some 'Calcivet' Vitamin D3/Calcium supplement & probiotics for after the antibiotic course. She recovered but still sat unnaturally with her feet splayed out the front for the first month or more after she grew feathers. She lives in a cage adjacent her parents & previously older siblings who hatched a week before her (that's why I had to hand feed her) so she can copy them. Eventually she came good, hopped around properly & flew around the house. After about 3 months she stopped flying though and now lives on the floor of her cage like a Quail. In every other way she seems healthy. She eats the same diet as her very healthy parents - Canary/Finch seed, lettuce & boiled egg. In season I give them fresh grass seeds. If I encourage her to fly she seems weak and flutters to the floor. I've tried another course of antibiotics and also putting her cage out in the sun for more Vitamin D. I've tried putting some Berocca for Vitamin B in her drinking water.
As I previously said, she used to fly quite well.
I caught the end a Dr Harry the vet segment on TV where he injected a Budgerigar with a vitamin for (I think) similar problems.
Bubby is 6 months old.
Can you offer advice please on this basic information without consultation.
I’d like to attach a photo of Bubby cuddled up to my neck watching TV like she does every night. There’s photos on my Facebook page.
Posted by Hollie11Report
Hi Dr Harry I'm 13 years old and I volunteer at an animal sanctuary and cat shelter but I have 4 Animals at home and my 2 Rabbits, daisy and dusty don't get along they bite each other through the cage and makes one and an other very stressed and scared I need your help for them to get along and not claw each other or bite we need HELP!

kind regards, Hollie [state] Tasmania.
Posted by Susan231Report
Hello Dr Harry my 9 year old daughter would like to write you a letter she watches your old episode of harry's practice every morning in beechworth
Posted by Ashleigh35Report
Hi Dr Harry,
Posted by Joe-Ann2Report
Hi Dr Harry,
My girls and I love your segment on BHG.
We have an issue with our 18 month old Standard Poodle. She's a lovely pup but we are at a loss on how to train her to stop stalking cars(all vehicles) whilst we are walking.
We have tried using favourite treats, loud noises, music, using language to discourage her, different walking collars, walking with other dogs etc.
She is only 23 kg , but when she stands on her hind legs and pulls , we find it difficult to be safe as she pulls and barks so aggressively at vehicles. We need HELP!

We'd love for you to recommend any techniques. Many thanks, Joe-Ann
Posted by JANINE26Report
Dear Dr Harry,

My name is JANINE and we have an 11 month old kelpie X rescue dog from the RSPCA that we fell in love when he was a puppy and have had him ever come since. We have one problem, every time we go outside to pat him, cuddle him or play with him he runs and gets a toy then won’t give us the toy to throw he just runs away then comes back and repeats this. Eventually if he does bring us the toy he doesn’t let us have it he stands with his paw on it then picks it up and takes it again.

Any advice is helpful
Posted by EmReport
Dear Dr Harry,

My name is Emm and I have an 18 month old Golden Retriever named Honey. Honey is a beautiful dog, very healthy and being a Golden Retriever she is naturally very placid, happy, loves people and for 18 months is quite mellow. Honey is also a certified therapy dog and very well behaved when working.

However, at home she had developed a bit of, what I can only describe as, separation stress and anxiety. If Honey is left outside, while we are inside, she paces around the backyard, drools while panting heavily and consistently whines. If we go outside to attempt this correct this behaviour she lacks any attention and will stare inside. She will stop if we let her inside, but I need her to learn this behaviour is not ok.

We have tried everything we can think of, however, nothing has been successful.


Thanks, Emm.
Posted by Anna-Maria10Report
Dear Dr Harry,

We have a 10 month old french bulldog named Boss and he is destroying our house and backyard.
He is a very good dog when he is getting all of our attention but when we are at work or busy with other stuff is when he starts to act up we give him as much attention as we can and take him for a walk everyday but how do we keep him entertained when we are busy?
We have tried giving him a new toy every week and various treats to chew on throughout the day but he gets bored very easy

We need your help

Posted by Theresa303Report
Dear Dr Harry
We have a 15 year old cat called Abby and have recently moved into a new house and every time we put a rug in the front lounge she will poo on it although if there is no rug there she will poo in her litter tray or outside. We have tried removing the rug for weeks but whenever we put it back she poos on it. We have tried a new rug but she poos on that too, she doesn't poo on any other rugs in the house only when there is one in that room. How do we get her to stop pooing on the rug?
Kind Regards