Bargain Hunt

About the Show

About the Show

Bargain Hunt presented by a team of antiques experts guide the Red team and Blue team in a bargain hunt. Both teams have £300 and one hour at a fair to buy antiques which they have to sell at auction, hopefully making money into the bargain.

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Posted by Michelle2415Report
love the show and love tim . we need more of it . please come back to Australia.xoxox
p.s and please come to the bush.
Posted by PortlandReport
love bargain hunt have been watching since it came on television just hate all the repeats
Posted by Report
I saw a show about a week ago on our local channel where they had a green glass vase that was painted with gold leaves and flowers on the outside and the glass was frosted. They said it was Parmecony??? Can anyone tell me what it was as I don't know the correct spelling and have a similar vase. I've tried to google it with no success
Posted by Christina153Report
I love watching the show but wonder about the contestants . . . . where on earth do they get them from? The local Dental Hospital?? It's very rare to see any of them with a decent set of choppers! Is this due to the poor public medical/dental scheme in the UK? Can't wait to see the Aussie shows which are dur to air here soon. Hopefully they'll all have decent teeth!!!
Posted by Report
when are they gonna show the bargain hunt in australia
Posted by Report
sick to death of your so called arrogant english moron experts putting australia down. Please all of you and your relatives stay in your god foresaken bleak country
Posted by Report
I have enjoyed Bargain Hunt for many years now but lately the quality of contestants has gone down. Why are they given 300 pound if they only spend less than half of that? Isn't the idea to buy something worthwhile to sell at auction? Some of the rubbish the so called experts suggest would be rejected at a charity shop!! I love the section that Tim does about old houses and history but please can someone encourage the contestants to spend the money and buy things that sell for a profit. As well maybe Tim can find some better experts who can find good quality bargains or could they buy items at auction then sell at the markets - they would probably make more money.
Posted by chevysally123Report
I would be very interested to know how the Aussie teams of Bargain Hunters were selected.
As far as I can tell and from comments from mates in the UK, they were already here and filming before the Ads for the series were aired last June.
Very disappointing for would be contestants and some very disparaging comments from same mates in the UK who are seeing these epis right now.
Posted by the dragonReport
you have been advertising about new Bargain Hunt starting this week, January 2012.. O.K. where is it, still same old repeats. come on ,get your act together, we pay enough for Foxtel,so let us have new shows.
also. having applied a few times to join Bargain Hunt Australia, as i know many people must have done, it would have been corteous to reply to applicants one way or another,
Posted by Report
Who taught Tim to Bastardis the Queens english we live in AUSTralia not AUWWStralia get it right