Backyard Blitz

About the Show

About the Show

Join host and landscape designer Jamie Durie, builder Scott Cam, horticulturalist Jody Rigby and landscaper Nigel Ruck for this Logie-winning series. Watch the team as they blitz their way through the backyards of Australian families and communities, all of whom are well-deserving recipients of these spectacular makeovers. From the perfect entertainer’s garden, to the ideal space for quadruplets and an entire street blitz no job too big or too small. Join Jamie and the team as they take over Australia one backyard at a time in Backyard Blitz.

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Posted by Liam27Report
Hey Jamie
I stubbed my toe
Posted by Greg59Report
Hi Jamie and everyone involved,
I am writing to you on behalf of my current partner.
My partner Tara and I met just over 2 years ago. It wasnt love at 1st sight but she blew me away with the big heart and care factor she has. Shortly after Tara and i started dating, i had to go to court to fight for my daughter. This is a very messy and complicated situation to be in, though we werent in a relationship, Tara was phenomenal, i could no longer afford rental so she gave me a place to live, helped tidy and box my house to get bond back. Since living with tara and going to court, Tara has put myslef and my daughter 1st, completely altering her house to hopefully be granted home visits again with my daughter. 2 years on court is now finalised and and we now have my daughter back in my/our life on a more regular base. The reason i am writing to you is Tara's house in my opinion needs a TON of work, inside and out but due to legal costs, living costs and constant bad luck i cant see anything getting done anytime in the distant future. Tara is still currently and unfortunately for years to come supporting me and my daughter, i owe her so so very much but unfortunately i do not have the money nor the know how to do the things required. I know there are so so many more people who deserve these opportunities, but in my life I've only come across 1 person who i think deserves it. Tara's pets are all rescues, she donates to shelters, helps out shelters, delivered food and drinks to firefighters during the Nar Nar goon area whilst working full time and emotionally, mentally and financially supporting me and the relationship of my daughter. She does so much for anyone and anything, even bringing home strays constantly till she finds the owners and I believe whole heartedly she deserves this gift and so much more. Please, any help of any kind would be much appreciated.
Posted by Peter212Report
Hi Jamie,
My wife has had a full time job for over 18 years. We have 3 children together and live in Sydney NSW. As I also work, I have little time to keep the house together especially the backyard. Two of my children aged 15 and 19 are chronically ill and we spend our money on their medical bills. Given that my wife does so much for my family i think it's time she deserves a surprise and has the dream backyard that she's always dreamt of.
Thanks, Peter
Posted by Leah62Report
Hello Jaime
My Pop is 79 years old, he & my late nana devoted their life to caring for my oldest brother from at age of 5 putting their whole lives & dreams on hold to care for him, There dreams of travelling around Australia where beginning to get closer & closer as the years went by but sadly in late 2004 my Nan was diagnosed with Cancer & her life was cut short dying in February 2005 which turned his life upside down in which he has since lost motivation to do absolutely anything. He has not only raised my eldest brother, but myself to from the age of 12, being almost 24, I am now a single mother with two young children we reside in his house now to in which he helps raising them aswell. (I could go on forever on how amazing & helpful he is)

He lives on approximately 13 acres in the snowy mountains with the river bank at his back door. In 2012 a devastating flood came through with water sweeping the back pavement, although we were incredibly lucky the house was untouched however the surrounding areas back yard, front etc have been completely ruined with little money to fix it, it has since being untouched. He desperately needs a whole make over!

Please I ask you to find it in your heart to help him!
Posted by Carmel16Report
Hello Jamie.I have a lovely 65 yr friend who has renovated his house on his own 80 percent completed.He owns a red cedar house on 4000 sqm land in Walla Walla a rural town 35 minutes from Albury.He has a 100 chickens. I have no idea how to do up a rural block? ? Could Backyard Blitz help this poor man before he loses motivation.He is very clever in using storage containers as sheds but was hoping to put a carport in between.His health isn't too good diabetes and spinal fusion.It would be so wonderful to turn his dry land into something luscious as the drought is coming through.His background is a farmer and tree cutting but I hope you can rescue this lovely old man and make his dream come alive.Thankyou
Posted by Nicole2912Report
Hi, my Mom and I are desperate for help in regards to our backyard. My dad (her husband) had been diagnosed with a rare disease called Churg-Strauss Syndrome 21 years ago and as a result of that he had multiple seizures, strokes, amputations, a lot of near death surgeries and situations. He passed away recently, (8 weeks) and my mom wants a change in the backyard. It has gotten out of hand over the years as she had to be his carer, and find a job and I had been studying so no one had the time to keep it under control. She is 62 and can not do it all. Please any help would be appreciated!
Posted by Carol881Report
Hi jamie.
I am hoping that you can help my mum with her garden. She is 71 and in terrible pain from arthritis and nerve pain as well as a back injury. Her one escape has been her garden but is increasingly unable to maintain it. She moved here 3 years ago after retiring to be closer to family but the house that she bought needs work to the garden. She worked hard all her life, brought up 3 children on her own and deserves better for her older years. I hope that you can help her.
Posted by Isobel75Report
My close friend has 3 brothers and 1 sister. All of which live at home. They have limited space in their house and I would love to be able to help her and her family with their backyard and front yard. They have 6 car and the front space just isn’t enough to hold all their cars. They are currently going through a legal battle in keeping the house against her father. Her mother has had many trips to the hospital due to health issues.
Please help give her family a little bit of joy!
Posted by John2163Report
My Daughter has a house Osborne, SA. She is a single mum and expecting our second Grandchild, named after my Mother who died when she was 32. Jessica is due in August. Her large backyard is presently home to 4 chickens who provide the family with eggs. Jess is an avid gardener, and grows a lot of herbs and flowers. She is proud of her home, but simply cannot afford to do anything to her backyard.
Posted by Chelsea429Report
Hi Jamie,
I’m from Orange, NSW. My parents next door neighbour is in need of a backyard overhaul! Her husband passed away in a car crash a few years ago and she raises their two sons on her own, works full time and studies at uni! On top of that she manages her young children’s junior football teams. She is forever working in her front yard but the backyard is in serious need of some help! Thanks!