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Series 1 · Episode 4

For many northern families, the seventies saw a rise in living standards and the smallest gap in income ever recorded between rich and poor. Despite power cuts and strikes this is a golden era for working class families.

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    27 June: 9:30pm on Lifestyle
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    29 June: 7:15am on Lifestyle


Series 1 · Episode 5

The Ellis's 80's home is a homage to chintz and magnolia with the exciting addition of some new technology: their first telephone, a chest freezer and that 80s kitchen. By the 90s the music scene captures the nation.

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    4 July: 9:30pm on Lifestyle
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    6 July: 7:15am on Lifestyle

The Present

Series 1 · Episode 6

In the final episode of the series, the family reflects on their time travel adventure, and explores how the legacy of a hundred years of tumultuous history lives on in the northern diet today.

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    11 July: 9:30pm on Lifestyle
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    13 July: 7:15am on Lifestyle