Australians Exposed - Sami's Baby



Q&A with Sami Lukis

7 minute read

We chat to gorgeous celebrity Sami Lukis about life, love and her journey to try and have a baby as a single 40-year-old woman. .

Making Babies: Behind IVF

3 minute read

Find out more about the book 'Making Babies' which tells a series of remarkable personal stories behind the IVF experience.

Fertility Crisis for Thirty-Something Women

4 minute read

Read more about one woman's experience having difficulty falling pregnant and her book 'Thirty Something and the Clock is Ticking.'

Trying to Get Pregnant?

4 minute read

Trying to get pregnant? We help you sort the myths from the facts when it comes to infertility.

Fertility: The Facts

3 minute read

Check out all the latest statistics about fertility in Australia.

When Did You Fall Pregnant?

2 minute read

Check out this pregnancy test which actually indicates when conception occured. Clever!