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About the Show

About the Show

Sami Lukis has it all. A successful media career, a great group of friends, and she’s drop dead gorgeous too. So what’s missing? Just before Sami turned 40, her grandmother passed away. When Sami and her multi-generational family came together at this emotional time, it suddenly hit her. “Where’s my family?” Sami is about to discover some confronting statistics. The proportion of women remaining childless has increased over time in each age group. For women aged 25 and 29 years in 1981, 25% were childless, while in 2001 59% of women in the same age group were childless. But why?
Our cameras follow Sami as she struggles to get answers — and begins her journey. Heart-breaking and heart-warming, this documentary follows Sami as she searches for a family. With her beloved dog Lolli trailing behind her, she meets fertility experts, herbalists, asks her flatmate for his sperm, checks out international donor sperm websites, grills her married friends, and keeps searching for a bloke. All the while, she struggles to understand why the white picket fence isn’t happening for her. With the clock clicking, and sperm donorship looking likely, something unexpected happens — Sami meets a lovely guy. Now what?
Sami’s Baby is a whirlwind ride on the fertility express. The only question is where Sami’s train will stop.


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Posted by Report
Hi Caroline, just wondering who your friends went through to adopt. As i am having trouble locating a good agency
Posted by DonnaReport
Hi Sami, Loved the program just wish they would show the next episode. Reminds me of a true to life sex in the city episode. My older sister Karen was going to go the path of being a single mother. In her case she had never been with a man and I suppose this raises questions of its own. She passed away recently and she wasn't alone. She had her family.
Posted by TracyReport
Is there another episode to this doco? I watched the first one and linked it on IQ but I can't see when the next one is. I would love to know what happens next with the new bloke and if she conceives.
Posted by KatrinaReport
I am also wondering where the 2nd episode is as I was starting to really enjoy Sami's journey and I do wish her all the best. It would be great if someone could reply to the question of where is the 2nd episode as we would all like to know !! I am so glad to see the wonderful and supportive comments about Sami and her journey and good to see only one bogan comment crept through. Really sensitivity is not your strong suit Bridget.
Posted by LifeStyle Channel Report
Hi all, Apologies for delayed response. This was indeed a one-off documentary as part of LifeStyle YOU's Australian Exposed series so unfortunately there is no episode 2. However, Sami thanks everyone for their interest and support. And as GJ points out , you can follow her on Twitter - And we'll certainly keep you posted with any news as soon as we can!
Posted by AmyReport
Hi Claire, I love your support for Sami, but I am also pleased to let you know that as a pe teacher I teach girls,and boys, about the health and longevity of their eggs and sperm...I know there are others out there too that also do, just thought you should know, im not being mean!
Posted by AmyReport
Bridget, do you have any idea how hard it is to adopt, especially as a single? If you have adopted, then you will know the hardships, and should take back your insensitive comments. Good luck Sami, whatever your future holds!
Posted by MichelleReport
Bridget I have one thing to say to you and that is do not judge sami or other women unless you have walked in their shoes. You are very judgemental and wrong it is not your place to pass any comment then. I have just turned 41 and have been unlucky in love however im not giving up on my dream of becoming a mum. It has been a long sad journey to which someone like you should keep your opinions to yourself and perhaps see things through a womans eyes and heart who is in this situation.
Posted by Tracy45Report
When is episode two? Sami is a lovely woman and her story is compelling viewing.
Posted by KerenReport
Yes when will this show be returning!!!!!!!!!