Australians Exposed: Girl Fight

About the Show

About the Show

Australians Exposed is a series of social reality documentaries produced exclusively for LifeStyle YOU. Each one-hour program reveals the people behind the salacious stories that fill our newspapers. First up is Girl Fight. Violence by young girls is on the rise. In the 1970s, 4% of violent assaults were carried out by women. In the 80s, that rose to 14%. By 2007, it was at a whopping 29% — nearly a third of all violent assaults. “It’s a seismic shift,” says criminologist Kerry Carrington from the Queensland University of Technology. Girl Fight examines the explosion of cases of girl on girl violence, told through the eyes of the young women themselves.
We meet Stacey, who has struggled with her violent impulses for years; and Monique, a bright and beautiful 15 year-old getting into a hell of a lot of trouble at school. We meet the desperate parents of troubled teenagers and the organisations designed to help them — and spend a hairy night on rounds with the Victoria Police. But not all violence is… well, violent. We also meet women who have harnessed their competitive spirit into contact sport. But, as Kerry Carrington points out, it’s also about role models. From Tank Girl to Sarah Conner and Tomb Raider — images of violent women surround the girls of today. Why is it OK to use violence? How much are movies and the media to blame, where girl on girl violence is sexy, and eye gouging has replaced pillow fights. Australians Exposed – Girl Fight investigates why girl on girl violence is all the rage.


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Posted by Edwina7Report
All 4 of the girls in the photo shown seem to be of Aboriginal or Islands descent. Surely this isn't going to be indicative of the girls in the program as I'm sure plenty Caucasian girls are knock-down drag-out fighters too. I look forward to seeing it.
Posted by Dean181Report
I believe the motivation is about power and control. Women feel more comfortable exerting power in physical ways now. You can read more in my book, Girl Fighting Exposed