Aussie Ladette to Lady

About the Show

About the Show

In series two of Aussie Ladette to Lady a new batch of outlandish, out-of-control young women put their hands up and declare themselves in desperate need of help. They want to turn their backs on their destructive lives and discover their full potential. Their journey begins at finishing school in the United Kingdom where Gill Harbord (principal), Rosemary Shrager (vice-principal) and Liz Brewer (etiquette and behaviour teacher) are about to confront one of the most unruly, vile, rude and insulting groups of women they have ever had the displeasure of meeting.

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Posted by Report
So Glad this was canned... never EVER want to see or witness this kind of hatred towards Women, ever again. I hope some past pupil sues you for torture and mental anguish. I'll personally represent them.
Posted by Report
Yeah lets watch the reunion, so they can call then Wh**es and Sl*ts all over again. Get a grip you stupid woman.
Posted by Report
Another crappy show, that DARES to dictate how a "Woman" should behave. Don't worry about the "Blokes"... they can can on as usual... raping, screwing kiddies, murdering, terrorizing, and Beating. Gawd forbid, that a "Woman" Farts in public!. Bring out the Spanish Inquisition and Burn that Nasty, Self opinionated Beeach to the stake. We can't have a Women acting on free will now, can we?. We can't have a Woman wanting Freedom AND Equal Pay... now can we?. Lets keep the Subjugation up and running and keep these second class whores right where they need to be. By the way, if you stupid enough to actually want to join this farce... take the FREE trip and on your arrival, tell them to SHOVE IT UP THEIR ***.
Posted by pennycrReport
Love this show, dont know where they find these girls from. However what I think is more amusing, scarey and annoying is that Mrs Schrager! What kind of lady is she?? All she does is shreek and scream every episode. She's really got to learn how to keep herself together, she is insane. I dont think constant screaming is lady like behaviour at all. The woman is crazy!