Auction Squad

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Series 4 Episode Guide


Series 4 · Episode 1

Join Johanna Griggs and her expert team, facing the toughest auction market in years, but can they make the difference between success and failure? This time everything's against the Squad - even a hidden swarm of bees.


Series 4 · Episode 2

Johanna Griggs and her expert team take on a tiny inner city terrace - adding a funky new kitchen for under $4,000 and turning an ugly concrete courtyard into an urban oasis.


Series 4 · Episode 3

Johanna Griggs and her expert team tackle a tired weatherboard cottage and solve an age-old question - how do they come up with the names for all those paint colours?


Series 4 · Episode 4

Create the best parents retreat, and how to transform the most useless wasted space into an outdoor living room all in one day.


Series 4 · Episode 5

Hate dark and dingy homes? Great tips on letting in the light, plus a stunning red tree that will make your garden a crowd-stopper.


Series 4 · Episode 6

We turn back time on a lovely old weatherboard cottage, installing a funky '50s kitchen and some bargain doors that lead us out to one of Australia's most pampered lawns.


Series 4 · Episode 7

Vince hand-built his house 50 years ago see how just $700 can completely update an old kitchen, and the smart way to turn your backyard into an edible garden.


Series 4 · Episode 8

The Squad join forces with a bunch of renovating police who want to help out a colleague in need. His house faces arrest for being bland and boring, but wait until you see the simple steps you can take to get your place on the Most Wanted List. Transform the front yard, plus how to turn an ugly wardrobe into the best view in the street.


Series 4 · Episode 9

Ever started a renovation and never finished? This young couple's kitchen and bathroom are half-done and the garden's ho-hum. Plus they've booked one-way tickets overseas for a complete sea-change, so they must sell - but auction day could be a big surprise for all.

Clempton Park

Series 4 · Episode 10

From a suburb you've never heard of comes a renovation you'll never forget! It's a makeover 2004-style, with a funky aluminium wall in the dining room, plus metallic kitchen tiles for just $27 and a fantastic deck that totally transforms a dreary back garden.

The Entrance North

Series 4 · Episode 11

This house looks like a toilet block, the builder forgot the front door, and the kitchen's a shocker all up, an Olympic-size challenge for the team to create a des-res, that's perfect for a coastal sea-change.


Series 4 · Episode 12

See how 100 great ideas can make the biggest difference to a sad little weatherboard cottage including a knock-out kitchen for under 4-grand, a cut-price sands tone path, and a classic wire fence that will make any front garden shine.


Series 4 · Episode 13

It's a Real Estate write-off - a boxy old cottage on a steep slope with danger out the back door - see how great ideas can create an open-plan house with a brand new tropical garden plus our best-ever deck, and a kitchen tart-up for gelato-lovers.

Caulfield North

Series 4 · Episode 14

We join forces with some top AFL players who help us make-over an old Californian bungalow that's being auctioned to raise money for a great cause and footy legend RON BARASSI is there for a dawn wake-up call!


Series 4 · Episode 15

Sick of mowing the lawn? Ditch it with a modern drought tolerant front garden, plus great ideas on modernizing a dated '70s kitchen, and a top solution for ugly windows, and the fence that anyone would love.


Series 4 · Episode 16

It's our biggest-ever one day paving job - and they're the wrong colour! Plus the mystery of the boarded-up front door - no wonder the owners want to come around the back, plus a quick fix for ugly wallpaper.

East Brighton

Series 4 · Episode 17

This home is infested with possums and the owners love them! See how dark colours can actually improve a south-facing room. A half-finished kitchen is transformed with glass and smart lighting. Say goodbye to mowing the front garden forever.

Balgowlah North

Series 4 · Episode 18

Thinking of renovating the bathroom? Don't miss our amazing 'tow-able' ensuite. See the white-out makeover of a dowdy kitchen and living room, plus how to get the stainless steel look for a fraction of the price. And believe it or not, wallpaper is making a come-back.


Series 4 · Episode 19

A call for help from six children who've been left orphaned and inherited a big mortgage. These young battlers must sell their family home - but wait until you see what problems the Squad uncovers.


Series 4 · Episode 20

This cute little house is screaming out Supersize Me! See how easy it is to double your living space by turning a wasted area into a funky family room. Plus our DIY guide to creating your very own topiary for a fantastic formal garden.


Series 4 · Episode 21

Creating a great new tropical garden using the old plants you already have, plus how to discover the secret wasted space in your home. An easy DIY project to transform an outdoor eyesore into the best entertaining area and wait till you see our solid sandstone totems!


Series 4 · Episode 22

What do you do with Australia's tiniest kitchen? The team converts it to a laundry, moving the entire kitchen into the living room, while outside, a 'Shed City' becomes a demolition zone, making way for a Summer-time entertaining hotspot.


Series 4 · Episode 23

It's the hottest day on record, and the Squad are battling heatstroke and wallpaper that just won't budge. This tiny home is a time capsule unchanged for 50 years but with some great ideas it could also be a bargain-priced entry into the big city real estate market.

The Best Of Special

Series 4 · Episode 24

All the best tips to improve the value of your home, including top budget kitchens, and the most amazing ways to add wow to even the ugliest house. Plus our greatest garden make-overs and the secrets to smart spending for maximum return.