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About the Show

For the first time in its 28 year run the Antiques Roadshow made its way to Australia in 2005, exclusively for The LifeStyle Channel.

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Posted by Renae217Report
Hi. I have a victory wooden jigsaw puzzle called Dagenham Girl Pipers. I can't find anything online about this particular puzzle. Would love to know more about it and even find a value
Posted by Alison1087Report
Hi. I have an Irish Linen and Trussea tablecloth commemorating the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. I have searched extenstively online to try to find out what it is worth, but can't find anything. Can you help me?
Posted by Allan175Report
Hello I have an antique Pool Table made by Peter Gay as in Gays arcade Adelaide, the pool table has been in my family for many years and the history as I am told it was made on consignment for the governor of South Australia, I have no idea how to get it valued as it is unique and any ideas would be appreciated.
Posted by Kellie486Report
I have a weight that is 2lb stamped king George 5th 534 41 brass with lead plug is it worth anything
Posted by Richard374Report
A friend of mine has a wooden "measuring stick" which does not appear to be complete. It looks a little like a ***l cue. It has a brass ferrule on 1 end and down the length on one side it is marked in inches to 49 inches all with 1/10" increments (very odd). On the opposing side it has a really odd sequence of numbering which starts with 1 about 8 inches along, the 2 is about 14" along, the 3 is about 19" along and so the number's spacing decreases until at the very end (equal to the 49") it states 280 (whatever they are).
Do you have any idea what this would have measured and what the odd sequencing represents.
Posted by Jo205Report
hi i have three statues of three negro men dressed in 1920's style clothing they are approximately 50 cm they are very human in their facial features. they are painted over what appears to be celluloid and the internal structure looks like wood. they are very pleasing to the eye albeit not in perfect condition. i have never seem anything like them before although there are many modern styles similiar. the reason i think they are special is that they are so life like i have to wonder if they are not modelled on actual people
Posted by Benjamin12Report
Hi, I have a old Fob watch that i have inherited and I'm just really curios to find out more about it. I have no much time because I'm a current university student and studying all the time. I'll be more then happy to supply images of the fob watch to get some information and maybe how much it is valued.
Posted by Nicola256Report
Hi, I have tons of antiques, as I live in a 107year old pub in Ogmore, North Queensland. I am also from Brighton Beach, England and moved here with parents, in 1969. Mum had a shop in the 70s' called "junkatique" and they both collected things from then on. Apparently the show was in Rockhampton, but I missed it. When will you be back in Australia?
Posted by Leon6Report
Hi this is probably a long shot but i have just had a Bullterrier figurine stolen for our shop HOWL VINTAGE in Margaret River, we are really hoping to get him back as he had sentimental value to our family he was not for sale at any price as he was a shop prop. We have a shot of him on our Facebook site. Thank you again everyone. It is a shame how one person spoils it for the rest of the world.
Posted by krakaReport
Am hoping I can get some idea of age and value of some toby jugs I have.
set of 6 - monks with brown robes and cream cords, ranging in size from13cm to 5 cm. Bottom has Foreign and serial nos. are S141/1, S141/0. Marking is a V with what looks like a bee between the upper part of the V.
2 others are : both in brown - one has Sam Weller underneath and the number 6, and Foreign. The other has Pick Wick, Germany and he looks like a Priest or Judge with glasses, vest and gold chain - both of these have hats.

Can anyone shed some light please?
Thank you