Alex Polizzi: The Fixer

Episode Guide

Series 3 Episode Guide

Hunter's Brewery

Series 3 · Episode 1

Six years ago, it was Paul Walker's dream to set up his very own microbrewery in the heart of the Devon countryside. But his dream has turned into a nightmare: finances are spiralling out of control and family life is suffering.

Heck Sausages

Series 3 · Episode 2

Can Alex get a small company like Heck to survive on the shelves of the supermarket and realise their dream of being the UK's number one premium brand?

The Singing Kettle

Series 3 · Episode 3

Can Alex get the Singing Kettle to brush off the cobwebs of a bygone coastal era and learn to identify a new target market?

Big Space

Series 3 · Episode 4

Big Space is a children's soft-play centre run by Lester and Sue Adams. Setting the business up from scratch, the couple remortgaged their house and ploughed all their savings into the business.

Series 3 · Episode 5

n this episode, Alex looks at businesses which are at the mercy of trends. Events company Balloonin Marvellous is run by husband-and-wife team Jo and Giuseppe.

Creature Company

Series 3 · Episode 6

For Sebastien Latour, owning a pet shop in the heart of Wimbledon was a dream come true - but the reality is a daily strain on his finances and his relationship with his co-worker boyfriend Carl.